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The After-Effects for Air Travel Post 9/11

By September 10, 2006

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Five years later, September 11, 2001 continues to have a strong influence on the air travel industry. Some airlines did not survive the financial wreckage immediately after 9/11 - most laid off workers, and it seemed that other terrorist plots were uncovered or thwarted in an age of security alerts.

Most recently, the foiled terrorist plot at London Heathrow served as a reminder that air travel is still a target of terrorism. Airport security screening is even more vigilant as a result.

Five years later, some airlines are still on a path to financial recovery. CNN Money reports on the continuing money struggles that can be linked to 9/11 to at least some degree.

The Airline Pilots Association has their own take on safety and security since 9/11, as documented in a press release at Yahoo Finance News.

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