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How to Order a Taxi in Morocco
From your Air Travel Guide

Morocco is a tough place for getting decent taxi cab prices. The tourist price often reigns supreme, but here are a few ideas to get a better price.

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Here's How:
  1. There are two types of taxis - Grand Taxis and Petit Taxis. Grand Taxis hold up to 6 people in older Mercedes, and Petit Taxis hold about 3 people.
  2. If you are traveling within a city in Morocco, a Petit Taxi will be cheaper. Ask the cab driver to use the meter. Le metre sil vous plait (le mehtruh seel vuu pleh)will give your driver the right idea.
  3. A cab ride within the cities of Morocco should cost around 10 dirham (about 1 USD), and you are not required to tip, but rounding up is appreciated.
  4. If the taxi does not have a meter, as is the case with all grand taxis, set the price before you set foot in the cab. Otherwise, you may spend a lot of energy arguing at the end.
  5. Do not be afraid to negotiate the price. If it seems too high, walk away, a lower price is sure to follow. Having spoken with a very honest driver in French, he admitted that many will start with a price about 3 times the proper fare.
  6. Grand taxis would normally hold 4 passengers in most of the world, but 6 are squeezed in Morocco. If 4 of you are traveling together, it is advisable to pay for the extra two spaces for more comfort, and no waiting around to fill the taxi.
  7. It should cost no more than 10 dirham per space in a grand taxi for distances of about 35 kilometers, or 22 miles. Often grand taxi drivers will start at about 150 dirham for the entire cab, but again this is too much!
  8. Grand taxis can be hired for the day if you are a small group and would like to have a car and driver for the day to visit some of the harder to reach sites. A half day should run at about 250 dirham (approx 25 USD)
  9. Late at night some taxis may charge a bit more, but this does not tend to be the rule of thumb in the larger cities like Fes or Marrakech.
  10. Morocco is reasonably safe to travel around. Taxis are inexpensive when prices are negotiated.

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