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Airlines Inflight Magazines

A perk worth mentioning?


Airlines often provide more than simply a flight to get you where you need to go. Many airlines produce inflight magazines, there to give you details about their fleet, or inflight entertainment, sometimes articles about places they travel to, or other diversions.

The inflight magazine - many passengers don't consider it part of the entertainment in the air. On shorter flights that aren't equipped with audio or visual inflight entertainment perhaps the inflight magazine is more valued, a way of passing time before the descent begins. But the inflight magazine can provide a whole host of at least somewhat interesting features, interesting enough that some of these magazines are popping up online.

"Why should I take the magazine out of the seat pocket in front of me?" (or, what read-worthy features might an inflight magazine provide?)

  • crosswords, and other word games
  • fleet information, so that you can see what aircraft the airline operates
  • other inflight information - music, movies, short programs
  • destination information - airport plans, what to see and do, other suggestions
  • shopping on board or on the ground
  • travel advice and tips
  • travel related articles like events festivals or history
  • travel info for the business traveler
  • totally and completely non-travel related articles such as celebrity profiles, fashion, etc.

Most airlines do not have an extensive online version of their inflight magazines. However, some provide a great deal of the content of their magazines online for the internet air traveler.

Following pages - the online versions of various inflight magazines.

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