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American Airlines - Trimming fares and leg room

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May 28 2003
Responding to the constant threat of bankruptcy, low cost airlines and continuing troubles in the airline industry, American Airlines is trimming fares and reducing leg room on some of its flights.

The airline industry is quickly moving towards low fares and low cost airlines, with one of the side effects being a reduction in services, perks and comforts. In an effort to compete with low cost carriers and to increase revenues, it seems that American Airlines' more space for economy class passengers will soon fall victim to cost cutting measures.

After the campaign of recent years promoting more leg room in economy more seats are being put back in coach. Nearly one quarter of American Airlines' fleet will be affected by the reduction of leg room for coach passengers. Over 150 aircraft will be refitted with more seats, with the hopes of packing more passengers on their flights.

This latest move on the part of American Airlines is to try to curb further losses where possible. Combined with lower fares, American Airlines will be trying to lure passengers into these soon-to-be less spacious seats and is responding to the trend of cheaper ticket prices over space.

The reconfigured aircraft with more seats are expected to be set for flights in the next year.

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