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Airline Seat Maps
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Find your seat before you fly. A number of airlines publish their seat maps online, but not all do. Your guide has compiled a list of links to airlines that do let you check out the seating configuration before you check in. American Airlines requires you to register at their site to see the seat plans.

United Airlines - Seat Maps
United Airlines provides straightforward instructions for finding the seat plan you are searching for.

Northwest Airlines - Seat Maps
Northwest lays out the pertinent instructions for you, just follow their lead.

Delta Airlines - Seat Maps
Delta lists the aircraft in its fleet, just click the one you'd like to see.

Continental Airlines - Seat Maps
Select Fleet and then choose from the list of Continental's aircraft from the Fleet Page. Whew, take a look at its respective seat map.

US Airways - Seat Maps
Click on an aircraft type to view US Airways' seat chart.

Hawaiian Airlines - Seat Maps
You will find the seat maps by following the links to the aircraft types.

Midwest Express Airlines - Seat Maps
Pick your plane type and the seat map and relevant statistics appear.

ATA - Seat Maps
All the seat plans are on one page.

Spirit Airlines - Seat Maps
No clicks needed! Spirit Airlines puts all their seat maps on one page.

Lufthansa - Seat Maps
Click on one of the Lufthansa planes to see the seat plan.

Air Canada - seat maps
Click on any of the current fleet, or scroll down below to learn more about the planes that have been retired from use.

British Airways - Seat Maps
BA has the instructions on this page. Enough said!

Cathay Pacific - Seat Maps
Click on one of Cathay's pics to view the seat chart.

Singapore Airlines - Seat Maps
Scroll down to the airplane's interior that you'd like to look at more closely.

Qantas - Seat Maps
Click on the aircraft type, and choose the seating configuration that you'd like to see.

Emirates - Seat Maps
Ok, maybe I am a sucker for Flash, but Emirates tries to make seat maps exciting!

LanChile - Seat Maps
For LanChile, the airplanes marked with See Interior allow you to check out its seat chart.

Iberia - Seat Maps
Under About Iberia, select fleet. After choosing the aircraft type, and clicking it, you next click on the Seats label underneath the aircraft.

South African Airways - Seat Maps
Instructions are contained on South African Airways' page.

Austrian Airlines - Seat Maps
Austrian Airlines provides a list of their aircraft types. Click on the one you'd like to see a seat map for.

Air New Zealand - Seat Maps
Air New Zealand tells you what to do on their site!

Mexicana - Seat Maps
Just choose the aircraft type, and Mexicana will show you the seat map.

Aeroflot - Seat Maps
Choose the aircraft type you'd like to see the seating arrangement for, and seat plans will appear!

Air Pacific - Seat Maps
Choose one of the aircraft brands and click to see the seat plan.

First Air - Seat Maps
As you scroll down the page, some of the aircraft have their seat maps linked to Diagrams, others just have pictures.

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