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How Do I Arrange a Wheelchair / Golf Cart with an Airline?


Question: How Do I Arrange a Wheelchair / Golf Cart with an Airline?
A question about setting up extra assistance for a passenger is answered. "My wife has a medical condition that will not let her exert herself. I would like for her to be able to ride in a cart. What do we do to arrange that?"
Answer: To arrange special assistance it's best to give a quick call to the airline directly and ask them to add an APFAX (basically a message on file for the airport) requesting the golf cart or a wheelchair if the cart isn't available. Don't worry, it's an incredibly common request. I see it at the airport all the time, and when I worked in reservations probably about a good 10% of bookings had requests for special assistance.

Also, if there is a special assistance counter at the airport it can be added there. Even a regular check-in counter agent could add it to the file. But, I do find the best thing is calling in advance and having it added. That way, the gate agent will be aware in advance, and your wife will be eligible for pre-boarding as well.

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