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Airlines and Airplanes

A list of the world's airlines. Find schedules, and pertinent phone numbers.
  1. Airlines and the passenger experience (6)
  2. Based in Africa/Middle East (5)
  3. Based in Asia (3)
  4. Based in Australia / NZ (4)
  5. Based in Caribbean / S.A. (7)
  6. Based in Europe (4)
  7. Based in North America (7)

List of Airline Phone Numbers
So you'd like to speak to an actual person that works for the airline? Here is a list of phone contacts to reach the airline you're looking for.

Top 10 Airline Pages on Twitter - Social Media and Twittering Airlines

I use Twitter a lot to keep up-to-date on what is going on with the airlines. Tweets - the public status updates on Twitter - are usually fresh, current and succinct, so it is easy to skim through quickly. As more airlines use Twitter to offer quick, short term specials - twares - its becoming a great way to keep up with the airlines and snag a deal. I've listed my top 10 in terms of airlines I follow on Twitter.

About Air Travel is on Twitter - @aboutairtravel.

AirTran Airways Offers Free Facebook for February 2011
Facebook addicts can gain access in the air for free. For the month of February, AirTran Airways will now offer complimentary access to Facebook on its flights.

Luggage Fees and Checking in Bags - How Much it Costs
Luggage fees and what is free for airlines - legacy carriers such as American Airlines; low cost airlines such as Southwest Airlines; and non-US airlines such as Air Canada. Includes not just regular luggage, but sports equipment, strollers, car seats, wheelchairs, and excess bags.

Biggest Stories of the Decade 2000 - 2009 - Airline Mergers
Tougher economic times, and fuel prices are often cited as reasons for this next story-maker of the past decade. Airline mergers seem all the rage. Rumors continue to fly on which airlines will merge next.

Biggest Stories of the Decade 2000 - 2009 - Airline Alliances
Star Alliance got the trend started in 1997, but airline alliances didn't fully blossom until after 2000.

Biggest Stories of the Decade 2000 - 2009 - Low Cost Airlines
Sometimes notoriously bad, but certainly cheaper and often even better than legacy airlines, the budget / low cost airline has revolutionized travel for many parts of the world.

The World's Biggest Airlines
Ever wondered about which airlines are the biggest? The following list names the largest airlines by the amount of passengers they flew.

Social Media: Airlines Doing it Best
Airlines are active on social media, using it to interact with the traveling public. Click here to see a list of the carriers doing social media best.

Global Passenger Demand Hits Record Highs, Says IATA

Virgin America Launches Inflight Social Network
Virgin America creates its own social network -- 35,000 feet in the air. Click here for more on how passengers are connecting with each other inflight.

DOT: Fewer Passengers Filed Airline Complaints in 2013
The DOT has posted airline passenger statistics for 2013. Click here to see which airlines did well, and which ones did not.

KLM Customers Can Use Facebook, Twitter to Pay Air Fares
Dutch flag carrier KLM, which is already very active on social media, is now allowing customers to pay for their airline tickets via Facebook and Twitter.

Airlines unveil new service, routes
U.S. airlines have added new routes and new flights starting with the summer schedule. Click here to see where they're going.

Six Airlines Make List of Top 500 Most Valuable Brands
Click here to see what six airlines -- including three U.S.-based carriers -- made Brand Finance's The Global 500 2014: The World's Most Valuable Brands.

New Routes, Cities Offered By Airlines
See what airlines are offering new routes, new cities and expanded service around the globe.

FlightView Offers Latest Travel Data for Airports, Passengers
FlightView uses many different data sources to provide airports and their passengers with the latest travel information. Click here to see how they do it.

Delta, Virgin America Offer New Menus For Premium Passengers
First and business class travelers get an upgrade on their airline meals. Click here to see which airlines have raised the bar on their food offerings.

U.S. and Canadian Airlines: Phone Numbers and Websites
Click here for website links, phone numbers and information to more than 20 airlines based in the United States and Canada.

Less Bags Lost by Airlines in 2013, Says SITA Report
Find out why lost or mishandled baggage hit record lows in 2013, according to a new industry report by air transport consultancy SITA.

Best Websites For Airline Seat Maps
Check out five airline seat map websites that help travelers choose the best places to sit on the aircraft of the world's carriers.

Bye Bye to Bereavement Fares
Airline bereavement fares are mostly gone, so click here to see what your alternatives might be.

Lost Luggage? Blue Ribbon Bags Offers Cheap Insurance
Airlines lose your luggage? Click here for information on a company that guarantees to find your bag within four days or pay you $1,000.

10 Great Things About United Airlines’ New Terminal 2 At London Heathrow
Take a sneak peek at the major upgrade United Airlines has given to its Global First and United Club lounges at the new London Heathrow Terminal 2.

Online Check-In for US Airways
How to check in, choose seats and print or download boarding passes on US Airways in two simple steps.

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