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Best Airlines in the World - Skytrax World Airline Awards


Skytrax is known for its World Airline Awards - they survey more people than anyone else, and the travel industry consistently awaits the results every year. These then, are Skytrax's best airlines according to their survey.

1. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-841; 9V-SKN@ZRH;10.04.2014/750ak
aero_icarus/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
Singapore Airlines may be based in a small country, but it covers a lot of international destinations and flies more passengers every year than the entire population of Singapore.

2. Cathay Pacific

Skytrax best airline award - Cathay Pacific.
woinary / Flickr
Cathay Pacific is also a member of the Oneworld alliance and is the top ranked Asian-based airline by Skytrax.

3. Qantas

Skytrax best airline award - Qantas.
Hamedong / Flickr
Qantas is a member of Oneworld, alongside British Airways, and repeatedly scores well with passengers around the world for its service.

4. Thai Airways

Skytrax best airline award - Thai Airways.
lemoncat / Flickr
Thai Airways is the top ranked airline affiliated with Star Alliance. Thai is known for its inflight service, and its flight attendants wear traditional Thai clothing during their flights.

5. Asiana

Skytrax best airline award - Asiana Airlines.
woinary / Flickr
Asiana Airlines is part of Star Alliance, and flies to over 50 cities in 17 countries.

6. Malaysia Airlines

Skytrax best airline award - Malaysia Airlines.
RabunWarna / Flickr
The red and blue in the logo of Malaysia Airlines is said to represent equilibrium.

7. Qatar Airways

Skytrax best airline award - Qatar Airways.
idf fotos / Flickr
Qatar Airways may be in business for less than 15 years, but it has garnered a lot of international attention for its service.

8. Air New Zealand

Skytrax best airline award - Air New Zealand.
drewgstephens / Flickr
This airline is a member of Star Alliance and although it is a small airline, it has made quick gains in winning over passengers with its customer service and safety record.

9. Emirates

Skytrax best airline award - Emirates.
Emirates hires a lot of foreigners as flight attendants for their airline, and this airline consistently wins awards for its service.

10. Etihad Airways

Skytrax best airline award - Etihad Airways.
rogerbarker2 / Flickr
Haven't heard of this airline? Etihad calls itself the national airline of the United Arab Emirates.

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