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Check-in to Arrival


Looking at the entire flying experience from check-in to arrival. Tips and info for each stage from check-in with the airlines, the airlines, the airport, on board your flight, and arriving at your destination.
  1. Check-in
  2. Airlines
  3. Airports - Preparing for Departure
  4. Grounded - Delayed and Canceled Flights
  1. On Board - The In Flight Experience
  2. Safety Issues
  3. Connections
  4. Arrival


Checking-in online with the airlines, and baggage info.


Low cost or legacy...prop or jet - airlines are in some ways the same, yet can also have rather marked differences. If you want to check out airlines that fly from different parts of the globe, or simply want an airline's phone number, click and find out.

Airports - Preparing for Departure

The "home" of airlines can range from a single gate area to multi-terminal mazes, and airports can sometimes make air travel seem that much more complicated. Some tips and advice regarding airports can lead to easier air travels.

Grounded - Delayed and Canceled Flights

When things don't operate on schedule - canceled or delayed flights. From weather issues, to labor disruptions - what your rights are and what you can do when your flight is wheels down.

On Board - The In Flight Experience

Sit back and enjoy the ride...is it really that simple? Seat maps, meals and air quality are just a few of the elements that make for an inflight experience.

Safety Issues

The wide-ranging items and events that affect airline and airport safety and security.


The ins, outs and sprints to the gate that are often involved with connecting flights.


A lot of this is about the luggage. Flights are over, now to get out of the airport.

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