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Kids Airport Diversion Guide - Airport Activities for Families

Cheapflights Brings You Lots of Great Ideas


Airports - often over or under air-conditioned, laden with security lineups, hard floors, and other unpleasantries - not exactly the most family friendly of places. You may have a stressful experience ahead of you if you are traveling with your children. Cheapflights has taken some of the busiest airports in the United States and found things you can do to pass the wait time with the younger set. There are lots of tips to make you and your family's airport experience easier.

Here are just a few of the dozens of tips in Cheapflights' Kids Airport Diversion Guide:
  • ATL - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport - Check out the model train exhibition near the entrance for Concourse T.
    ATL Airport Details
  • BWI - Thurgood Marshall Baltimore/Washington International - Located in the main terminal's Observation Gallery, the children's play area has lots of play equipment as well as airplane parts.
  • BOS - Boston Logan International Airport - The Children’s Museum of Boston has Kidports in terminals A and C with interactive aviation themed exhibits and play areas.
  • ORD - Chicago O’Hare International Airport - Past security in terminal 2, the Chicago Children’s Museum has a Kids On the Fly interactive exhibit.
    ORD Airport Details
  • CVG - Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport - The play area is located in Concourse A with miniature buildings and rocking chairs for parents.
  • DFW - Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport - DFW has three play areas called Junior Flyer Clubs which feature aviation-themed activities.
    DFW Airport Details
  • DTW - Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport - This airport boasts seven play areas.
    DTW Airport Details
  • LAS - Las Vegas McCarran International Airport - The Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum makes aviation history interactive and fun.
    LAS Airport Details
  • LAX - Los Angeles International Airport - It's not on the grounds of the airport, but nearby there is a free aviation museum, Flight Path Learning Center of Southern California.
    LAX Airport Details
  • MSP - Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport - Two aviation-themed play areas are ready for kids to pass time.
    MSP Airport Details
  • MKE - Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport - The Mitchell Gallery of Flight is a museum offering free admission and is located near Concourse C.
  • SFO - San Francisco International Airport - Admission is free to the San Francisco Airport Commission Aviation Library & Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum, located in the international terminal.
    SFO Airport Details

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