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Coming and Going from FCO - Rome, Italy

Arriving in Rome


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Navigating FCO (Rome, Italy) = Chaos. This is a busy airport. For many travelers FCO is the first point of arrival for an Italian adventure or a mediterranean cruise. Given a busy airport, tips on navigating through are always in order!

Breathe deeply...this is an airport that bursts with passengers. So we'll look at arriving and departing from this Italian hub.

Opened in 1961 with two runways, Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport is located at 30 kilometers from the center of Rome, and now has five terminals to handle international travelers. If you are arriving from other points in Europe, you are likely to arrive and depart from Terminals A or B. From overseas? Terminal C. But you should always check the terminal listing with your ticket agent and airline.

Customs can be a fairly rapid process - a quick glance at your passport and you are done. But depending on the volume of travelers and the peak of seasons, the process can be delayed substantially.

On the arrivals level there are several shuttles and taxis (approx 40 euro to the city center). If you are taking the train (Tren Italia), you will need to go to the departures level, continue outside, and look for the pedestrian overpass that will take you to the train station.

You have two choices to take you to the city center. The non-stop Leonardo da Vinci to Rome Termini is about 10 euro. The slightly slower, but frequent regular service is approximately 5 euro.

If you are taking a cruise from Civitavecchia you have an inexpensive option with the train. Where taxis charge between 130-140 euro to the port, the train is a fraction of that cost. You simply go to the ticket counter and purchase a 5 euro ticket to Trastevere, and a Trastevere to Civitavecchia ticket (about 4 euro) at the same time.
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