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Favorite Things at an Airport

Best Things About Airports


There are a lot of things to not like about airports - airport security screening procedures, delayed flights...the list could be endless. But there are things to love as well.

One of my favorite things about working at an airport is the sunsets. The expansive runways make for a perfect space where the setting sun takes center stage. I look forward to cloud-free days - not just for smooth flying - but for nature's show. Sometimes, when things are taking their toll at the airport, I just look out the window and the soaring airplanes coupled with the warm hues of the sunset - well, there is no other word other than breath-taking.

I love watching planes power up, as the bridge pulls away from the aircraft, and backing out to taxi away. I would never find a car pulling out of a driveway quite so inspiring, but a plane with its sleek shape, curvy wings, and formidable engines - there is something elegant about watching these people-movers beginning their travels to places that require air travel to get them there. Often, during my coffee break, I just take quiet time watching the planes arrive and leave the gate area. Things are as they should be.

These are ordinary moments when I am working at the airport, but somehow move me past the sometimes chaotic, difficult times at the airport. And now it is your turn - share what you enjoy about the airport experience.

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