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Cheapflights.com Goes Inside Swing State Airports


By looking at airport amenities, features and candidate history, Cheapflights made its tongue-in-cheek predictions on how swing states might vote in the 2008 presidential election. Their predictions are certainly more about fun and being a little more on the tongue-firmly-in-cheek side.

Cheapflights decided to guess how the country’s so-called “swing states” will vote. And according to their look at the airports in these key 11 states Barack Obama is a shoe-in for president.

Carl Schwartz, chief travel officer for Cheapflights, stated, “Operating under the assumption that a state’s major airport is a microcosm or reflection of its voting population, there are tons of clues in airports such as entertainment choices, children’s activities, cultural exhibits or historical significance, that lead us to a strong prediction on which way that state will vote.” He continued, “Our travel and airport experts have culled the best information from the major airports in the swing states and predict that Barack Obama will stand in the winner’s circle...”

In the spirit of the airport factor and the election, here are the 11 states whose top airports indicate a preference for one candidate or the other according to Cheapflights:

  • Florida
    Orlando International Airport, the gateway airport for the city of Orlando is a "beacon to the young and the old" thanks to theme parks and warm weather. "Both groups find something appealing at Orlando International – be it the 3,000-gallon salt water fish tank in the food court or the abundance of disabled parking spots and bathrooms. Expect the Republican ticket to sway Florida’s electoral votes red on Election Day."
  • Indiana
    "The McCains are proclaimed fans of “the greatest spectacle in racing,” and Indiana will raise the checkered flag for McCain this November."
  • Missouri
    St. Louis Lambert International Airport has Republican history. President Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican and the first president to ride in an airplane, began his journey at this airport. And Charles Lindbergh, often referred to as the original conservative, left from St. Louis for New York to embark on his non-stop solo flight to Paris in May 1927. Thus, Cheapflights calls McCain in Missouri.
  • Nevada
    "McCain has done more than any other member of Congress to shape the laws which govern the country’s casino operations. The Democratic Party will fold in the Silver State because McCain’s full house will prevail here on November 4."
  • Virginia
    "Norfolk International’s longtime military support includes a USO/ASYMCA lounge for active-duty personnel and a military visitor information center. In addition, special discounts at shops and restaurants are available for service members." McCain's military background may be a key in winning votes.

  • Colorado
    "Because of Colorado’s “green” leanings, Cheapflights’ political pundits anticipate the state to go “blue” ". A two megawatt solar photovoltaic energy system takes up seven and a half acres at the Denver International Airport, generating more than three million kilowatt hours of clean electricity each year. "Obama has outlined some clear positions on the future of environmental policy under his leadership that the Colorado electorate is bound to prefer."
  • Michigan
    Cheapflights notes that Obama is very physically active sometimes completing two workouts a day. The Westin Hotel, inside Detroit Metropolitan Airport features traveler-designed Westin WORKOUT routines for the physically active passenger (voter).
  • New Hampshire
    Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is an alternative airport for travelers from Boston — possibly one of the bluest cities in the nation. Recently, the airport added free airport-wide Wi-Fi. "For its technical upgrades, we’re calling this airport and state for Obama—the more computer-savvy candidate."
  • New Mexico
    Albuquerque International Sunport has a 113 piece permanent art collection, and both an exhibits program and performance series. The airport’s unique inter-religious chaplaincy program provides pastoral care for passengers - either on the premises or through a 24/7 pager system. When you look at these factors, plus the popularity of the state’s Democratic governor, Cheapflights picks an Obama win.
  • Ohio
    Gourmet food shops, fine dining, and microbrews are plentifully available to passengers at Port Columbus International Airport. Cheapflights asserts that travelers with discerning palettes should be a shoe-in for Obama.
  • Pennsylvania
    Philadelphia International Airport is a supporter of the arts - 15 different art exhibits throughout the airport. Also, according to Cheapflights, travelers here support important social issues such as the fully ADA-compliant www.phl.org.

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