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Top 10 Airlines in Latin America


Airlines in Latin America may not carry as many passengers as airlines in Europe, and North America, but there are plenty of airlines serving all parts of Latin America. This is the top 10 based on how many passengers chose to fly on them.

1. TAM Brazil

The default for their website is in Portuguese, and sometimes it just won't let you switch over to English.

2. Varig

Brazil's former flagship carrier, which has faced stiff competition from low cost Brazilian airlines, is leaving Star Alliance and joining oneworld.

3. Aeromexico

Aeromexico is a member of the Sky Team Alliance.

4. Mexicana

From their website - "Mexicana de Aviación began operations more than 85 years ago, and it is therefore the fourth airline with the most aerospace tradition in the world."

5. GOL

This Brazilian low cost carrier is booming, cracking the top 5 airlines in Latin America based on passenger traffic

6. LAN Airlines

LAN has grown into an airline that is now not only the flagship carrier for Chile, but also for several other South American countries.

7. Avianca

This Colombian airline is one of the oldest in the world and has outlasted several other Colombian upstarts such as ACES.

8. Aerolineas Argentinas

This Argentinian airline is also a mainstay of South American airlines.

9. Aviacsa

This airline primarily serves domestic destinations within Mexico.

10. TACA

This Latin American airline has hubs in both Central and South America and often is able to offer great deals to countries such as Honduras, Peru, and Guatemala.

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