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Airline Mileage Programs and Frequent Flyer Details

Frequent flyer mileage programs are a big aspect of air travel. Earning miles to redeem for tickets, benefits for members, and partner airlines are just a few aspects for the frequent flier.

Free Frequent Flyer Miles

A few airlines are getting into the holiday spirit by offering free frequent flyer miles - just for checking-in online. Earn bonus miles without spending an extra dime.

Frequent Flyer Program Info - Information on Frequent Flier Programs
It all began in 1981. American Airlines decided to start a loyalty program that would track and reward the customers that flew with them the most. The idea certainly spread...

Booking With Different Miles - Credit Card and Frequent Flyer Programs
A reader asks about using a mix of airline reward miles from a credit card and from a frequent flyer account.

How Can I Get My Frequent Flyer Miles Added to My Account?
A reader asks about frequent flyer miles, and how to get them credited to an account.

What is the Deal with Credit Cards and Frequent Flyer Mileage?
An Air Travel reader asks about using credit cards to accumulate frequent flyer miles.

Donating Miles to Charity - Frequent Flyer Mileage Donations …
You can donate your air miles to several different charities and make your miles go really far without any air travel at all.

The Pampered Passenger - the Business of Being Treated First Class by Airlines
What kind of perks are being offered or introduced to lure the higher paying passenger? I've got a list of some of the amenities for the pampered passenger.

Shop the Airlines - Online Malls and Shopping to Earn Miles
Not only can you buy gift certificates, or airline goods, but some airlines even have their own "malls" for earning miles.

ExpertFlyer is a site that really caters to the frequent flyer. It is a paid service which aims to provide a "complete, concise and efficient way to access the ever changing details of worldwide air travel information." They have a 5 day free trial period.

Watch Online Ads, Earn Frequent Flyer Miles
A free way to earn miles has emerged with e-miles.com - where you watch ads in order to earn miles that can be put towards your frequent flyer membership.

Top Airline Credit Cards
Top airline credit cards to earn frequent flyer miles.

Comparing Mileage Credit Cards
Our Guide to Budget Travel helps you figure out which card may be best for your needs.

The Emerging Two-tier Frequent Flier System
Strategies for using your airline miles.

Top Bank Air Miles Cards
Top bank air miles cards for earning miles.

Are You Mismanaging Miles?
The Guide to Budget Travel answers.

Travel 4 Miles
A useful site that provides lots of information about the major frequent flyer programs out there.

Earn More Miles
Mile Maven is a great site to help you maximize your mileage earning potential. Easy to use, and points out promotions and bonus miles available - just plug in where you are starting from and going to.

Recent College Graduates Get 10,000 Miles for Free from Unite…
Sweet little deal to pad your frequent flyer account if you are a recent college graduate. United Airlines will celebrate your cap and gown moment to the tune of 10,000 free frequent flyer miles.

Ways to Accumulate More Miles
Mileage programs are often a ticket to (almost) free travel. Share your strategies for accruing miles, current mileage deals or promos that you like, and any other mileage-related tips or travels.

Top 5 Rewards Cards for Travelers - Best Mileage Credit Cards

I am not a credit card guru, so when BillShrink.com weighed in with their take on the best credit cards for earning frequent flyer miles, I had to take a look - and am sharing their picks for the top 5 credit cards for air travelers.

BillShrink.com is a search engine that helps find the best credit card to match one's personal spending habits. With any of the cards listed below, a complete list of features, as well as the ability to apply for any of the cards, are available at their website. Foreign transaction fee info is added (some companies charge a percentage - a fee - for using their card out of country).

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