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Donating Miles to Charity - Frequent Flyer Mileage Donations and Giving Miles


There are options to use your frequent flyer miles that don't involve flying. In fact, you can donate your air miles to several different charities and make your miles go really far without any air travel at all.
  • Delta Airlines - Skywish Miles - linking to several charities including - The Children's Wish Foundation and the American Red Cross and about 2 dozen charities in total that you can donate miles to.
  • American Airlines - Using your AAdvantage Miles - includes AA miles for kids in need.
  • United Airlines - Charity Miles program allows you to donate your Mileage Plus miles to any of over 2 dozen charities including Feeding America and the Salvation Army.
  • Continental Airlines - OnePass members can choose to donate their miles to charities such as the March of Dimes and AmeriCares.
  • US Airways - Donate Dividend miles to organizations such as Mercy Medical Airlift and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
  • Alaska Airlines - The Charity Miles Program includes charities such as the Dream Foundation and Hero Miles.
  • Southwest Airlines - no charity miles donation program.
  • JetBlue - no charity miles donation program.
  • Air Canada - Aeroplan Beyond miles can be donated to charities such as Doctors without Borders and Schools without Borders.
  • British Airways - no charity miles donation program.
  • Lufthansa - Miles and More members can donate to charities like SOS Children's villages for something other than simply flights. An example from the site notes "Give a young person a chance. 20,000 miles will enable one young African to attend secondary school or a vocational training centre for a period of two months."
  • Qantas - no charity miles donation program.

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