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From passport and visa requirements, to what you can bring on board and luggage allowances read up on the often-changing rules in air travel. Looking for air travel advice like how to deal with jet lag...it's all part of a passenger's air essentials.
  1. Death and the Airlines
  2. Travel Documents for Flying
  3. Family Travel Rules and Policies
  4. Luggage Rules
  1. Airline Customer Service Issues and Policies
  2. Access-Able Air Travel
  3. Jet Lag

Death and the Airlines

From bereavement travel, to flying with human remains - the essential policies and procedures for death, dying and air travel.

Travel Documents for Flying

Passports are becoming increasingly essential, even in jurisdictions where you once just needed proof of residence. Visas too, are often extra requirements to enter a country - some you can purchase online or upon arrival, others are...shall we say...a little more complicated. Regardless, it is important to have your documents in order.

Family Travel Rules and Policies

Family air travel policies vary by airline. Can you bring a stroller to the gate? How do you prepare for travel with an infant? What provisions are there if you must travel for a family funeral, or by contrast for a wedding? How far into pregnancy can you travel? The answers to these questions are not always the same for each airline.

Luggage Rules

Like many things in the air travel industry, regulations for luggage are constantly changing. Read up on what you can bring, what you may pay for, and what is still free.

Airline Customer Service Issues and Policies

Your flight has been canceled. You are stranded at the airport. You are wondering if there is anything you can do about it. Or the airline has oversold your flight, you are about to be bumped and would like to know what you are entitled to, and how you will be compensated. These not so happy scenarios equal articles geared towards canceled, delayed, or oversold flights.

Access-Able Air Travel

An air travel guide with advice for passengers with varying levels of mobility restrictions/limitations.

Jet Lag

Ah, the not-so-wonderful experience of waking up several mornings at 3am after returning from a trip to Australia - of falling asleep and not knowing whether it was 6am or 6pm after long travels. Jet lag can manifest itself in different ways so I'm sharing as many solutions as possible. Hopefully, some of them will work for you.

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