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Death, Dying and the Airlines - Death on Board and Transporting the Deceased

What Happens If Someone Dies on Board, or You Need to Transport the Deceased?


This is not a topic that is often brought up regarding air travel, but it occurs every year, without fail - to paraphrase the cliche - just like taxes. Dying during a flight does occur, and even more frequently, transporting the body or remains of the deceased needs to be considered. This collection of articles looks at the main points and common policies in both scenarios. If you have to transport cremated remains, or are on a flight where someone suddenly dies, you'll read the most common procedures for airlines and how they deal with death.

1. Transporting the Deceased - Cremation / Body

How do I travel with cremated remains? How do I send a deceased body with the airlines? This feature looks at answering these questions.

2. Death at the Airport or During Flight - Experiences

Having dealt with this on the airline employee side of things, am sharing personal experiences of death and air travel.

3. Airline Procedures for Death During a Flight

People die during flights - infrequently, but it does happen - so this looks at what sort of procedures to expect when someone dies on board or at the airport. This feature outlines what commonly happens when death occurs during travel.
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