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Southwest jet aircraft departing, Orlando International Airport
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Year Founded:

Southwest Airlines was founded in 1971 in Dallas, Texas

Headquarters / Main Hub:

Southwest is based in Dallas, Texas. Its main hub is Dallas Love Field Airport, as well as hubs in Las Vegas and Chicago.

Official Website:

Seat Maps:

Phone Number:

phone #800-435-9792

Frequent Flyer and Global Alliance:

Southwest's frequent flyer program is Rapid Rewards. They are not currently associated with a global alliance of airlines.

Frequent flyer info

Major Crashes / Incidents:

Southwest Airlines has not had a crash that resulted in loss of life on board. However, in December of 2005 it did have a flight that skidded off the runway at Chicago's Midway Airport, and killed a boy traveling in a car that was hit by the plane as it skid.

Airline News:

Interesting Fact:

Southwest Airlines is a pioneer in low cost airlines, fighting legal battles for over 3 years in order to be allowed to fly. The legal fight was documented in an odd way and became a children's book.

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