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Strollers and Airlines - Strollers at the Airport, Gate Checking Strollers

Air Travel with Infants, Toddlers and Young Children


Part of air travel with infants, toddlers or young children often involves bringing a stroller. As a gate agent, and one that also works at check-in, some tips for traveling with children and strollers.

Most airlines have a fairly standard procedure for strollers, here is what you will likely experience if traveling with child and stroller:

Checking In a Stroller

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  • At check-in, the agent will either ask you if you would like to check in the stroller, will provide you with a tag for the stroller, or will advise you to see the agent at the gate.
  • When you do receive a tag for the stroller, you will usually receive a stub, much like the luggage receipts you receive when checking in luggage.
  • Large collapsible strollers, and strollers that don't fold or collapse are usually only accepted as checked in luggage. So if you have any doubt, call the airline.

Airport Security Screening Point and Strollers

At the airport security screening point, you will be expected to remove the child from the stroller, and send the stroller through the airport screening machines.

Checking Strollers at the Gate

  • Do arrive at the gate area early enough to make the pre-boarding time that is set ahead of general boarding for those who require assistance, or are traveling with young children. This gives the airline ample time to load the strollers.
  • In terms of strollers, pretty much every airline has their own stroller tags, which allows strollers to be left just before entering the aircraft. The strollers are then brought up to the door of the aircraft upon arrival.

Strollers On Board

Less often, if a flight is not full, and you are traveling with a small collapsible stroller, you may be permitted to bring it on board for storage in the overhead bins.

Strollers and Connecting Flights

  • Tag either has spaces for the other flights, so that it can be dropped off again after boarding the connecting flight, or can be retagged at the next gate.
  • Many airlines have stroller tags with space for additional flights. So for Salt Lake City, Denver, and Chicago O'Hare there is space for each of these flights and a section for the destination. I put the flight for Denver with its airport code DEN, and then for Chicago ORD, and also place this flight in the final destination spot on the tag.
  • On the tag, there is also space for the passenger's name, sometimes the seat number.
  • As with passengers who do not have connections, wait by the door of the aircraft for the stroller.

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