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Travel Procedures for Unaccompanied Minors


Thousands of children travel alone every day. This feature describes the unaccompanied minor; airport procedures; travel tips; and what happens when flights are delayed or canceled.

1. Unaccompanied Minor - What It Is and Policies for Children Flying Alone

Boy reading on plane
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The frequency of children traveling by themselves has led airlines to set up programs that address the specific needs of children traveling alone. The common term that is used to describe children who fly alone is unaccompanied minors (also known as UMs). What is an unaccompanied minor? The short answer is a child traveling without a parent, guardian, or another trusted adult that the child knows.

2. Unaccompanied Minors - Airport Procedures

Airport procedures for unaccompanied minors.
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The general process for unaccompanied minors from check-in to boarding the plane, and the requirements of the parent or guardian who brought the unaccompanied minor to the airport.

3. Unaccompanied Minor - Travel Tips for the Unaccompanied Minor

Travel tips for unaccompanied minors.
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Travel tips for the unaccompanied minor, including what to pack, and how to prepare unaccompanied minors for flying alone.

4. Unaccompanied Minor - When Flights Delay or Cancel

Flight delays and cancellations for unaccompanied minors
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What happens when flights cancel or delay and a child is flying alone as an unaccompanied minor.

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