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Earthquake in Japan and Airlines - Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

Airline Policies for the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami


A massive earthquake, the strongest in Japan's history of recording tremors, has struck along with a resulting tsunami - both of which are sure to affect air travel. Some of the airline policies being posted as a result of the quake and its after-effects.
  • Japan Airlines - domestic flights only - "Applicable tickets may be changed to a different flight on the same route or you can cancel with no charge. The valid period of all applicable tickets is extended for 30 days beyond the day after original scheduled departure date. Also, the refund period is extended for 10 days beyond the day following that. Please contact us JAL Domestic Reservations and Information for assistance as this cannot be done online."
  • ANA - has links to flight statuses for flights and is advising of flight disruptions. To cancel/rebook, a link at the bottom of the page found by clicking ANA, is provided.
  • United Airlines - a travel waiver has been issued for March 11-15. United explains how this works on their page.
  • American Airlines is permitting changes for those booked to Japan between March 11 and 14.
  • Delta Airlines allows a one-time rebooking if you are scheduled for travel to Japan until March 15. If your flight cancels, you are entitled to a refund.
  • Air Canada has a flexible travel policy not only for Japan, but several areas with risks of a tsunami including Hawaii and Australia.
  • British Airways - check the page for updates as they occur.
  • Qantas is permitting flight changes, or holding onto the value of the ticket for future travel as some of the options for those scheduled to travel to Tokyo.
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