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Naked Skies - Air Travel in the Buff Takes Flight

No Shirt, No Shoes = Service


It isn't the first time that passengers have been invited to fly naked, but it has been a while since the last clothes-optional flight took place a few years ago. This time around, it is a charter flight that is set to operate in July 2008. A German travel agency - OssiUrlaub is currently taking bookings for a same-day roundtrip flight to Usedom in the north of Germany along the German - Polish border. Naturism - or Freikorperkultur (FKK) is German for Free Body Culture, and nudism is not seen as all that unusual in Germany. In fact, the About.com Guide to Germany Travel has a great cultural primer on nudism in Germany, and links to beaches and spas that are all about a clothing-optional vacation experience.

So what is a naturist to do who wants to fly in the buff? First, be prepared to dole out a pretty penny for the experience. From Erfurt to to Usedom on the Baltic Sea you'll be looking at 499 euro roundtrip. The date of the flight is set as July 5, 2008. Bookings can be made through OssiUrlaub - in German.

A previous venture into a clothing-optional flight was offered by Naked Air to Cancun, Mexico. But that was several years ago. The German experience will allow bookings for up to 55 passengers in total, where one will be able to strip down when at cruising altitude after take-off. No nudity for the staff on board, though- crew will remain fully clothed. Naked Air still has images up, and the story of its clothing optional flight. Just to note - there are no black lines covering up body parts.
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