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Airline Magazines - Inflight Magazines, Magazines to Read During Flights


The airline magazine can provide a whole host of at least somewhat interesting features, interesting enough that some of these magazines are popping up online. Features such as:
  • Crosswords and other word games
  • Fleet information
  • Other inflight information - music, movies, short programs
  • Destination information such as airport plans
  • Shopping
  • Travel advice and tips
  • Travel-related articles like events or festivals.
  • Travel info for the business traveler
  • Non-travel related articles such as celebrity profiles, fashion, etc.

Some of the publications that offer much of the inflight reading material online:

Air Canada - EnRoute

Air Canada's award winning magazine EnRoute has their magazine's feature articles online along with an archive of past features and movie and audio entertainment information.

Alaska Airlines/Horizons Air

Alaska Airlines/Horizons Air gives the online reader access to its cover feature, and cover features of past cover features.

American Airlines - American Way

American Airlines magazine, American Way offers virtually the entire magazine online. Route maps, lifestyle articles, travel features - even the crossword puzzle is offered online!

Continental Airlines - Continental

Continental Airlines' magazine - Continental has lots of online features including downloadable versions of Sudoku.

Delta Airlines - Delta Sky

A calendar of events, business and travel articles, and destinations off the beaten path are a few of the online offerings of Delta's inflight magazine Delta Sky.

US Airways - US Airways Magazine

US Airways touts US Airways Magazine as the business traveler's companion and includes travel articles and information.

United Airlines - Hemispheres

Hemispheres, the inflight magazine of United Airlines seems to be fully available to Internet users. There are lots of fun and interesting travel facts, an online version of its crossword puzzle, and gourmet themed articles among the many offerings provided for its online readers.

Hawaiian Airlines - Hana Hou!

Hana Hou! the inflight magazine of Hawaiian Airlines gives the online reader lots of advice as to their "best of" the Hawaiian Islands. Feature articles from present and past issues are also available for reading.

Southwest Airlines - Spirit

Southwest Airlines Spirit is more about reader input and will even award prizes for your written contributions.


Destination guides, health and beauty articles and off beat travel articles are some of the features you can find in Easy Jet's online version of its inflight magazine, simply called EasyJet.
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