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Watch Online Ads, Earn Frequent Flyer Miles


There are several ways to earn frequent flyer miles without even stepping foot on an airplane. You can stay at hotels, or use an affiliated credit card, or a car rental. A free way to earn miles has emerged with e-miles.com - where you watch ads in order to earn miles that can be put towards your frequent flyer membership.

There are restrictions in terms of how long you can spend online to earn miles each day, as well as residency and mileage program restrictions. You can earn miles if you are a member of the frequent flyer programs of Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines and US Airways. You do need to reside in the United States or one of its territories in order to participate in e-miles.

The concept is simple - you earn miles by watching ads and then answering follow-up questions. So you enrol, receive messages via e-mail for mile-earning opportunities, and go to the e-Miles website to view the message and answer questions. Miles are then credited to your account every few months.

An added bonus of this type of program is if you haven't had any activity in your frequent flyer program, you can watch some ads, and have miles added to your frequent flyer account to keep it active.

If you have feedback about using e-miles, feel free to send me your comments to add to this feature.

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