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Giving the Gift of Air Travel - Gift Certificates / Cards to Buy from Airlines


Gift cards from the airlines are an option for giving the gift of travel. Most airlines require gift cards to be used within a year, and the rare few do not have a set expire.

And still more certificates to give the gift of travel...
  • Alaska Airlines - Purchase up to 30,000 miles as a gift of travel. You must be a Mileage Plan member to purchase miles.
  • United Airlines - Give the gift of up to 60,000 miles as a gift of travel. Miles can be used towards travel or upgrades.
  • US Airways - You can purchase gift cards online or at several retailers for use on US Airways - even at your local Walgreens.
  • Virgin Blue - This Australian airline allows you to use its gift certificates on Virgin Blue, V Australia, Pacific Blue or Polynesian Blue.
  • JetBlue - You can purchase gift cards from $10-$1000. Unlike most airlines' gift cards, JetBlue's ones don't expire.
  • Air Tran - Minimum purchase is $25, and for every $100 you purchase in gift certificates, you'll receive one flight credit in AirTran Airways' A+ Rewards frequent flyer program.
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