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Airline Lounge Passes - One Day Passes to Airport Lounges


Want to spend your wait time in one of the business lounges but don't have a membership? There are a few airlines that allow you to purchase a day pass for a more relaxed, quieter airport experience.

  • Delta Airlines - for $50 you can buy a one day pass for Delta's Crown Lounge. Must be traveling on Delta or one of its connectors.
  • American Airlines - $50 for a one day Admirals Clubpass.
  • US Airways - A US Airways Club Day Pass can be purchased for $50.
  • Continental Airlines - $50 is the rate for a day pass to the President's Club. The day pass is valid for one year, so you can choose the day you want to use it, and are not locked into choosing one specific date.
  • Alaska Airlines - A one day Board Room pass is $40.

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