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Jet Lag Travel Tips - Plane Advice for Beating Jet Lag


There are lots of products and methods offered to tackle jet lag. But if you are just looking for some simple tips, I have compiled some of the many that I have heard over the years - and some of them may even work for you.
  • Water - Drink lots of it- The humidity on flights is literally desert-like. It may be fairly repulsive to think about it, but by the end of a long flight the only humidity left in the air may be that which you and your fellow passengers have created. Lack of proper hydration is thought to contribute to jet lag.
  • Less caffeine, less stimulants - Going on the adage less is more, keeping your body from getting over-stimulated, or at times that aren't in synchrony with the time zone you are traveling to, may help stave off the lag.
  • Less alcohol - Effects are stronger inflight, which tends to dehydrate.
  • Eat lighter - Cabin pressure is set at a higher altitude than most locations on earth, so you may feel more bloated from heavier meals, or more lethargic. On longer flights, try not to eat out of boredom which is easy to do when your flight is more than 6 hours long.
  • Sleep - Try and get a restful sleep pre-flying. This is one I find hard to follow, the blend of anxiety and anticipation usually equal insomnia for me.
  • Adjust your watch - Set your watch to the time at your destination after you get on board, and get your mind set into the time zone of your arrival.
  • Move it - Move around during the flight to keep circulation going - stretch, rotate your hands and ankles. Even small amounts of exercise are believed to lessen the effects of jet lag.
  • Adjust your sleep / wake cycle - If it is daytime at your destination when you arrive, try and stay awake until nighttime there and then get a good night's sleep to reset your clock. Try and follow the time pattern of your destination - if it is night there, sleep, if not, stay awake.
  • Go outdoors - Get outside when you arrive - It may help reset your internal time clock faster if you experience the time of day at your destination as soon as possible.
  • Pace yourself - Give yourself time to adjust and try not to plan anything too strenuous on the day you arrive.
  • Plan ahead - Start changing your schedule a few days before you travel to prep you for the time changes to come. If your destination is 8 hours ahead of your usual time, try going to sleep earlier several days before, and also adjust your meal times. Again, I find this one hard to follow, but have heard of some success with it.
A lot of these tips are pretty much common sense, and not all cases of jet lag will magically disappear with a few simple adjustments. However, they cost nothing, and if any of them help in reducing the jet lag experience, they certainly warrant a try. Plane and simple.
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