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Jet Lag - Zone Change Syndrome - Circadian Desynchronosis

No matter what you call it, your body feels out of whack. After crossing several time zones you just feel out of sync. You may not be coming down with the flu, but instead may be plagued with a common travel malady - jet lag! Reach for tips, information, and advice here.

Jet Lag Travel Tips - Plane Advice for Beating Jet Lag
There are lots of products and methods offered to tackle jet lag. If you are looking for some simple tips, I have compiled some of the many that I have heard over the years - and some of them may even work for you.

Defining Jet Lag
Feeling tired and sluggish after your ten hour flight? It could be your body reacting to the sudden time changes from spanning a huge distance in a short amount of time.

Viagra May Treat Jet Lag
Studies have been done to see how effective Viagra is in reducing the symptoms and treating jet lag.

Jet Lag Symptoms - List of Complaints and Illnesses
Jet lag manifests itself in a wide range of symptoms - and a list of them will give you an indication as to whether those extra yawns are lack of sleep, or your body trying to catch up after a long flight.

British Airways Sleep and Air Travel Advice and Jet Lag Calculator
There are free podcasts for download; information about jet lag; advice for coping with jet lag; and a jet lag calculator.

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