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US Airways Baggage Policies


Luggage sitting by conveyor in airport
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The following policies are for passengers traveling in economy class, and exclude frequent flyer members for all flights to and from Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as flights within the US.

US Airways
Baggage Allowance- Your first checked in bag is $25, your second is $35, with a weight allowance of 50lbs (23kg) per bag, and an additional 40lbs maximum of carry on luggage.

Europe - 1st checked bag is free, 2nd is $55. Pay for it online and save $5.

Excess baggage fees for extra/oversized/overweight luggage start at $100 and can run up to several hundred dollars. If it weighs over 100lbs it will not be accepted and you will need to contact cargo for freight charges.

US Airways policies regarding checking strollers, car seats, mobility devices and sports equipment.

Baggage Policy

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