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Travel Safety and Security

Air Travel Safety and Security are the primary concerns of most air travelers. The issues, statistics and facts are compiled here to keep you informed.
  1. Past Crashes and Accidents (25)
  2. Terrorism (16)

Why Volcanic Ash is Dangerous for Air Travel - Volcanic Ash Hazards a…
Looking at the reasons why it is so dangerous for aircraft to fly in air with volcanic ash.

Bird and Wildlife Strikes and Airplane Safety - Dangers of Birds and Airlines
Dangers of Birds and Airlines

Airport Security Screening Measures for Countries of Interest
14 countries are listed as "countries of interest" or state sponsors of terrorism with the US government and require much stricter screening measures for passengers originating travel in any of these fourteen countries.

TSA Secure Flight - Passport, Travel Identification, Travel Requirements
The TSA has now implemented its Secure Flight program, meaning there have been changes to identification requirements for passengers.

TSA Airport Security Videos
The TSA has created 4 more informational videos. Even if you aren't flying through an airport in the United States, these tips for airport security screening points are pretty helpful.

What Are TSA Backscatter or Body Imaging X-Ray Machines at Airports?
What Are TSA Backscatter or Body Imaging X-Ray Machines at Airports? Our Student Travel Guide answers.

Air Travel During Flu Season
This guide to flu and air travel includes symptoms; airline policies; tips for travel during this flu season; and recycled cabin air and catching the flu.

Airlines and Accidents - Airlines with the Lowest Accident Rates
Planecrashinfo has taken the statistics for 20 years - from 1989 through 2008 and looked at the major airlines in the world, and assessed their accident rates.

The Safest Airplanes in the World - World's Safest Airplanes
What makes one airplane safer than another? Are certain airplanes better than others?

Chances of Surviving an Airplane Crash over Water
What are your chances of surviving an airplane crash over water? Ditching, the term for an emergency landing over water where a pilot intentionally grounds the aircraft in water, virtually always has survivors.

EU Blacklist of Airlines
The European Union has a blacklist of airlines that are not permitted to fly into the countries of the European Union due to safety concerns. The list does change from time to time.

Air Travel and Tuberculosis, Tropical and Contagious Diseases on Airlines
The case of a virulent, and possibly drug-resistant form of tuberculosis brought on board by a young lawyer from Atlanta who traveled to Europe and back.

Aviation Accident Statistics
The National Transportation Board's Aviation Accident Statistics give detailed statistics for airline safety for the years of 1988-2007.

Travel Health
The Center for Disease Control provides an immense amount of information about risks to the health of travelers.

Why Global Entry Pays For Itself After One Trip
Learn more about Global Entry and TSA PreCheck, programs that allows travelers to zip through Customs lines and domestic airport checkpoints.

How the TSA Speeds Travelers Through Airport Security
Click here to read about a Transportation Security Administration program that speeds travelers through more than 100 airport security checkpoints.

Harris Poll: Only Half of Americans Feel TSA Makes Air Travel Safer
Americans are mixed about the effectiveness of TSA passenger screening efforts. Click here to see the results of a Harris Poll on the subject.

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