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Invisible Armor - Hand Sanitzer - Inflight Health


When I travel, I like to bring along items to try and prevent picking up cold or flu-causing germs. I keep a small stash of alcohol wipes and usually a hand sanitizer too. My gripe against a lot of hand sanitizers in the past has been whether they are not only safe for me, but for children too.

I've read about the risks of ingesting even traces of traditional hand sanitizers, particularly for children. Plus it has to be reapplied several times throughout the day and with the high alcohol content, that can really help crack the skin.

It is good then when some other options come onto the market that may be safer and last longer. It seems like the Invisible Armor may fit the bill. The company that produces Invisible Armor states it is an alcohol-free antibacterial skin lotion and protector that is effective against most germs and bacteria (including Staph, MRSA, Vibrio, etc.) You can wash your hands and it will still protect for approximately four hours from recontamination. Just apply twice a day.

What I like about the product is there seems to be a lot of practical study being done to test its effectiveness. The company made me aware of a recent one: "We are currently engaged in a pilot Staph-prevention project with LAPD officers working in the Skid Row district (where Staph infections are a chronic problem). We are three months into the project and there hasn't been a single infection among officers."

I have found the product a good option for traveling - I just don't fully trust the cleanliness of airplane lavatories - because it isn't sticky and doesn't have that harsh alcohol smell that a lot of sanitizers do. The company touts itself as an alcohol-free, safe alternative and to have a product that is less toxic and also moisturizes was worth trying.

I do make a natural anti-bacterial at home but it just isn't practical for air travel - a few drops of lavender and tea tree oil in a coconut oil base. It's just a little too messy to use on the fly.
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