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Travel Aggregators

- Travelzoo Super Search


Travelzoo's Super Search tries to approach their travel search from a different angle - that is by incorporating some of the consumer reviews/recommended sites as part of the search.

The big drawback to their site, however, is that each option that is presented must be linked to individually, so you'll have a lot of screens to go through just to get the price comparisons. You do have access to reading the deals that Travelzoo's staff put together, and frequently update, which may help you overlook the longer time it will take to get your airfare comparison.

Travelzoo Super Search

  • first sorts out search options with consumer recommended sites
  • continues with a list of select airlines and then a list of other recommended sites
  • you must click on each site that has a link on Super Search individually
  • Travelzoo lists some of the most current travel specials
  • one way and roundtrip options are clearly visible from the initial search page

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