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Worst Flights Ever - Bad Flying Experiences


Every air traveler has their own tales of woe when it comes to flying. Small wonder that air travel can be so stressful when it can be such an unpleasant experience. As a frequent passenger, I have to say that most flights I have been on have been absolutely fine. But, it is the bad experiences that are often the easiest to remember.

Thought I'd share some of my worst flying experiences. I do work for an airline, but with both of these experiences, they were paid tickets, not employee passes or non-rev (non revenue discounts that are often available with other airlines).

Really bad experience number 1

Happened on US Airways where I had a middle seat in the back of the plane. I was connecting in Pittsburgh and traveling onward to Greenville, South Carolina for a funeral. My first flight had been uneventful, but the connection was simply awful.

I was puked on by the child sitting next to me in the aisle seat. He was about 7 years old. Bad enough, but worse was the lack of help from the flight attendant. The child's mother apologized profusely, but after signaling the flight attendant for help and just getting what amounted to a blank stare, I took myself in my suit to the lav and just bawled. I was simply stunned that she didn't offer any assistance.

Really bad experience number 2

I suppose you could call this the worst flight that never happened. AeroPeru went under and I wasn't advised. So I had a bit of a surprise when I got to Lima, ticket in hand for Cusco, and was told I wasn't going anywhere with AeroPeru (and would have to file for compensation).

Well, I changed my travel plans, stayed in Lima before setting off by bus to Arequipa. The bus was comfortable and they had bus attendants similar to flight attendants. Something about the meal they served didn't sit right with me. And I got sick, really sick. But was bound and determined to make it to Cusco and then Machu Picchu.

After the bus ride to Arequipa and an overnight stay there, I headed off on the long train ride to Cusco via Puno overnight. I vomited over a dozen times and crawled over families parked in the aisles and near the door of the toilet. And let me tell you, the toilet on the train was worse than almost any outhouse I've ever used.

Turns out that nixed flight from Lima to Cusco meant going home with amoebic dysentery!

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