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Shop the Airlines - Online Malls and Shopping to Earn Miles


Not only can you buy gift certificates, or airline paraphenalia, but some airlines even have their own "malls" for earning miles. Airlines have become much more savvy and have teamed up with major retailers to give you better opportunities to both buy goods and earn miles. So you can shop and get some miles out of the whole process.

American Airlines
The AAdvantage eShopping mall uses a large variety of competitive retailers, so you can actually get some pretty good deals and earn miles. Several promotions occur from time to time.

Continental Airlines
Continental's Company store - The Continental brand is all over this. Gifts under $20 include a Continental Airlines Royal Blue Ornament for your tree at $3.03

Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines has its own promotions with Skymall including things like - Earn 10 SkyMiles for every dollar spent. Large catalog of items.

US Airways
With US Airways you can earn miles when you buy from several retailers.

United Airlines
The Mileage Plus Mall offers promotions on earning miles throughout the year, particularly over holiday periods. Lots of big name retailers.

The Shop True is another haven for online shopping, where you earn miles for every dollar spent.

Qantas Shop sells airline and Australian-themed gifts. You can buy items such as Australian cufflinks - dangling charms of the continent on a cufflink.
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