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Top 5 Airport and Airplane movies - drama and thriller


According to many movies made about airports and airplanes, a disaster is always waiting in the wings. Thankfully, day to day workings in the airlines are far less dramatic. Here are a few of the cinematic interpretations of airports and airplanes for those interested in the drama or thriller genres.

1. Airport

The original (or if not, the widely watched!) air disaster movie. This is the movie that helped spawn a generation of spoofs, namely the 'Airplane' series. Dean Martin stars as a pilot.
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2. No Highway in the Sky

This often overlooked movie with Jimmy Stewart has him star as an engineer who is sent to examine the wreckage of a new airplane designed by the company he works for.
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3. Executive Decision

Halle Berry and Kurt Russell star in this film involving an airplane being hijacked and the ensuing plan to overcome the terrorist threat in the air.
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4. Bounce

An executive's flight is delayed. During the course of the delay he encounters a man who is trying to return home to attend an important event for his son. The executive (Ben Affleck) switches his ticket with him when flights start up again, so that the man may be there for his son. The plane crashes, and a guilt-ridden Ben Affleck seeks out the widow of the man, and falls in love.
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5. Fearless

After surviving a horrific plane crash Max Klein is changed. The journey to his recovery from the trauma and aftermath of surviving is shared when he meets another survivor of the same air disaster.
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