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LAX - Los Angeles International Airport


LAX - Los Angeles International Airport
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Find airfare specials from Los Angeles International Airport to dozens of other cities

1 Full name - Los Angeles International Airport

2 The airport's website

3 Address/Phone Number - 1 World Way, (310)646-5252

4 Location, location, location - several beaches are located just south of the airport within a 10 mile radius.

5 Flight Information - Arrivals/Departures

6 Major Airline(s) that serve the airport - a hub of American Airlines and United Airlines

7 All airlines that serve the airport

8 Transportation to/from the airport

9 Fun fact - And if you wondered what the X in LAX stands for it was added when a growing air travel industry required that existing airports (that had two letter codes at the time) increase their code to three letters. Hence the X...with no special significance.

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