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You may be traveling with children; need to find out more about bereavement fares; or are having your children travel as unaccompanied minors. You may want to try and have a more comfortable flight, or find out what the currency exchange is at your destination. Articles and links covering tips and tools for air travel.
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Types of Airfares - Rules and Regulations for Airline Tickets
With airline tickets every person on a flight may have paid a different price to fly. The airlines have a seemingly secretive formula to constructing airfares. Knowing types of airfares and how they apply may not mean that airfares make sense, but you can make sense of them.

Your Best Air Travel Tips
Share your best air travel tips with fellow passengers. Packing, flying and your tips for dealing with the airlines.

Family Air Travel - Flying with Infants, Children, Pregnant, Seniors
Compilation of articles to help with family air travels - pregnancy and airline policies; traveling with an infant, twins, or multiples; flying with a senior; or traveling for a family event, etc.

Top 10 Rules of Connections - Connecting Flight Issues
Connecting flights, regardless of whether they are with the same or different airlines, entail extra rules and elements that you may want to consider.

Air Travel FAQ - Questions and Answers About Air Travel
This FAQ is a series of questions and answers received from About.com Air Travel readers, and my replies.

Holiday / High Season Air Travel Guide
A guide to holiday and peak season travel - from finding airfares, to the airport experience, and what happens when flights delay and cancel.

Travel Tips for Safe Air Travel Trips
You've packed your luggage and planned your flight itinerary. Travel tips covering how to stay in contact, protect yourself in airports, etc. are considerations that should be a part of every air travel schedule.

Air Travel Assistance - First Time Flyers and Fear of Flying
It is okay to be afraid of flying, there is certainly a loss of control when you are sitting in a narrow seat, 30,000 feet above the earth, and the plane is shaking through an area of turbulence.

Tips for Using Your Frequent Flyer Miles
So you want to travel for free? One of the only real, tried and true ways to do so is through accumulating and then redeeming your frequent flyer miles for flights. American Airlines is the airline that first introduced the frequent flyer program, and they have some tips for earning and redeeming miles for travel.

American Airlines' Top 10 Travel Tips
There are a number of ways for travelers to reduce the trials and tribulations of summer travel and help make their experience easier and more convenient.

What are the best air travel-related mobile apps?
Mobile apps - it occurred to me that you, astute readers, may have insights you can share for the benefit of me and other app-overwhelmed users. So please share what you think is the best air travel mobile app, or one that you consider a must have when you are traveling, or travel planning.

Change for Charity - American Airlines
Airlines are often part of charity work, particularly in disaster-zones where supplies and volunteer personnel need transport. But it also comes down to the dollar and cents of it - collecting spare change for charity to dispense to areas in need. American Airlines is one of the airlines that is part of the efforts to bring in change for charities.

Top 10 Questions About Air Travel - Ask.com's Most Popular Air Travel…
Ask.com is well known as a place to ask questions about virtually any topic. Ask.com compiled a list of their most frequent air travel questions, and supplied answers, it made for a fun read. I agree with most of their answers, but differ on a few - in those instances my answer is italicized and follows Ask.com's reply. So, in order as provided by Ask.com, here are the 10 most popular air travel…

Reader's Digest - 50 Secrets Your Pilot Won't Tell You
Reader's Digest asked commercial airline pilots to share some of their secrets with their readers. From napping during flights, to safety issues, airline pilots responded, with Reader's Digest compiling it all in a feature of 50 secrets - 50 Secrets Your Pilot Won't Tell You. Of the 50 shared secrets , I've included the 10 that struck me...

Five Great Air Travel Apps
Travel is tough enough, so let your smartphone be your best friend. Click here for five great travel apps that improve the passenger experience.

Why Global Entry Pays For Itself After One Trip
Learn more about Global Entry and TSA PreCheck, programs that allows travelers to zip through Customs lines and domestic airport checkpoints.

5 Great Tech Tools For Air Travelers
Click here to see how five tech tools can help improve air travel and the airline passenger experience.

AirHelp Gets Travelers the Compensation They Deserve
Learn how travelers are leaving billions of dollars they are legally owed by the airlines just sitting on the table and how they can get their money.

TripChi Aims To Help Make Travel Better
Another airport app joins the fray, claiming it can help improve the travel experience. Click here to see why this one claims to be better than the rest.

Tips on luggage and packing
You need to pack, but you just don't know what to bring. Click here to get tips on what to pack for three different types of trips.

Websites Offer Tips For Finding Best Air Fares
Click here to get tips from Airfarewatchdog.com and AirFastTickets.com on how air passengers can book the lowest fares, just in time for summer travel.

Five Tips On How To Make Smooth Airline Connections
Check out five tips that can help even the most unseasoned traveler make their airline flight connections quickly, smoothly and without trouble.

What Everyone Should Know About Lost Luggage
Did the airlines lose your luggage? Click here to read how to avoid it, how to recover lost bags and what your rights are if it is lost forever.

Quicket Promises One-Stop App For Travelers

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