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Air Travel with a Toddler - Tips and Advice for Flying with Young Children


Flying with children of any age can be a stressful experience. Not only do you have to worry about how they feel and behave, but also how others around you react. This has to be especially true for toddlers - with all their new-found skills for running and talking and moving about - a confined space, teeming with unfamiliar faces and surroundings does not sound ideal. So traveling with a toddler definitely presents its challenges, but planning ahead may give you at least a chance at a smooth flight.

Scotty Kober who developed I'm A Good Little Traveler!DVD Toolkit Series has had a great deal of experience as a world traveling mom who didn't want to leave her 3 year old behind!

On flying with the younger set she writes: "There is more to flying with toddlers than keeping them entertained and hoping for good behavior on the plane: there are long lines at busy airports, security checkpoint(s), boarding the plane, sitting in confined space that shakes and makes noise, not to mention puts sometimes incredible pressure on little ones' ears, and travel etiquette issues like not kicking the seats in front... all things that don't get addressed in the usual checklists."

Kober emphasizes that although airport and airline personnel try to be helpful it is up to the families to prepare their children for the problems that can arise with air travel such as lengthy delays, and long line-ups.

Tips for air travel with a toddler as well as other products that can help young children understand what to expect with flying may make for easier travels. Kober developed the Shae by Air DVD Toolkit to look at flying through the eyes of a child, including filming it for their height and eye level. It has features such as a packing list in picture form so the child can see what to pack and participate in preparing for the trip.

Amongst Kober's other air travel tips for flying with a toddler are to take the child to the airport prior to your travel date and run through what you'll be doing, and to have your child assist in packing his carry-on bag.

Scotty Kober also suggests these sites for more tips and advice for tackling air travel with a toddler:
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