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Self Massage of the Face - Face Massage Techniques


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Basic Face Massage Techniques – Forehead to Chin
Basic Face Massage Techniques

The red circles are starting and ending points for your fingers. The lines and arrows show the direction for the massage strokes. Where there are simply circles, there is little to no movement from that one area of the face.

Arlene Fleming
Begin the face massage with very general strokes. Take your hands, which were covering your face, and bring the fingers up to your forehead - almost fingertip to fingertip across from each other - with each set of four fingers beginning at the center of the forehead gently stroke down and across following the outside frame of the face.

Your thumbs will naturally start the motion along the sides of the face and slide underneath the chin.

Slowly, from forehead to temples to cheeks along the jaw, and bringing the fingertips together under the chin, then sweeping the fingers off the face and beginning again at the center of the forehead.

Repeat 5 to 10 times.

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