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Self Massage of the Face - Face Massage Techniques


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Small Circles over the Jaw
Basic Face Massage Techniques

The red circles are starting and ending points for your fingers. The lines and arrows show the direction for the massage strokes. Where there are simply circles, there is little to no movement from that one area of the face.

Arlene Fleming
You are covering the muscles of the jaw by doing this type of massage, particularly the masseter muscle which bulges when you clench your teeth. The muscles of the jaw area are notorious for holding, or reacting to, stress.

Rest your thumbs on your neck or below the jaw. Take your four fingers, with your index finger at the top of the jaw and your baby finger lower along the jaw, and starting at the top of the jaw line massage along your jaw with tiny clockwise circular motions. As you do the circular motions, slowly move your fingers down along the course of your jaw until the fingers of both hands meet at the chin.

Repeat at least 5 times

Along the course of the jaw, you will also cover several points along the stomach meridian, namely stomach points 5, 6 and 7 (with 7 being just below the temple, and 5 being closer to the level of the chin but still on the side of the face). This part of the stomach meridian is said to treat jaw pain and hearing problems.

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