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Bereavement Flights for Funerals and Imminent Deaths

Travel for Family Emergencies, Imminent Death and Funerals


In times of emergency when you have to fly for a family funeral, or to see a terminally ill relative, shopping around for airfares is probably the last thing you want to think about. Many airlines have a special bereavement flight, or compassionate fare, which is offered to family members traveling for a death in the family, or imminent death. There are other considerations too - transporting cremated remains, for example - and the procedures you will likely follow.

1. Bereavement Airfare Basics

Businesswoman carting luggage in airport
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What is a bereavement, or compassionate, airfare? There are pros and cons to these types of special airline tickets, and not everyone qualifies for them. So a rundown of some of the attributes of a bereavement ticket.

2. Bereavement Airfares - Discounted Airline Tickets for Imminent Death

Bereavement Flights for Imminent Deaths
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If you have a close relative who is terminally ill, and the possibility of death seems near, then you may qualify for a bereavement airfare based on imminent death.

3. Bereavement Airfares - Discounted Airline Tickets for Travel to a Funeral

Bereavement Flights for Funerals
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Traveling due to a death in the family is the more common use of bereavement fares. Funeral details, or death certificates are often required to ensure a bereavement airfare discount.

4. Airline Policies - Bereavement Airfares - Compassion Fares

Airline Policies on Bereavement Flights
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Airlines' bereavement / compassion airfares policies for flights to travel to funerals or family emergencies (imminent death / terminal illness).

5. Death, Dying and the Airlines - Death on Board and Transporting the Deceased

Other Issues Related to Bereavement Flights
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Here are issues that aren't often discussed, and not easily found on airline websites. What happens if a death occurs on board? How does one transport cremated human remains? This feature answers these questions so that you know what to expect from the airlines should you be faced with either situation.

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