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Find the Best Airfare - Tips for Finding Cheap, Discounted, Airline Tickets


Getting the best airfare depends on many factors - time of year, destination and length of stay are just a few of the major ones. The formula for getting the best price for your flights can indeed seem complicated. Although the challenging task of getting a great ticket price likely won't change, there are a number of strategies that may help in your pursuit for the best airfare possible.

1. Finding the Low Season in High Season

If you need to travel over a holiday period, ask if any of the days are considered low season. If you are willing to travel on these dates you will likely save some money.

2. Flights During a Holiday Period Require Planning

For travel during holiday periods, it is very risky and potentially astronomically expensive to try and book at the last minute. Flights will fill up in advance.

3. Before Sunrise, After Sunset - Time of Day Discounts

The time of day that you embark on your air travels can sometimes affect the price of your airfare and depending on your travel plans there may be times of day that are less expensive.

4. Some Days are Cheaper than Others

The day of the week that you travel can certainly affect the price you pay for your ticket - some days simply tend to be cheaper than others for flights.

5. More Time Can Mean More Money - Length of Stay

The length of your trip can affect your ticket price. If you are planning a long trip that reaches beyond the maximum stay of a very discounted ticket, you will likely fork over more money for your air travels.
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