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Holiday / High Season Air Travel Guide


A guide to holiday and peak season travel - from finding airfares, to the airport experience, and what happens when flights delay and cancel.

1. Free Internet Inflight for the Holidays - WiFi on Board for Free

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AirTran, Delta Airlines and Virgin America in partnership with Google Chrome, are offering free internet service on board flights for the holiday air travel period - now until the beginning of January 2011.

2. Finding Airfare

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A collection of articles, site reviews and links to help you find the best airfare for your air travels.

3. Air Travel with an Infant - Planning, Airport, and Airline Flights

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With limited space on board, air pressure changes that hurt the little one's ears, endless announcements in the terminal, and bright lights all around, the air travel experience can be difficult on both the very young passenger and the parent. A guide to prepare for flying with an infant from planning to arrival.

4. Air Travel with Pets

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Because many do not want to leave their pets behind when they travel - rules, regulations, fees, and airlines that will transport pets.

5. Airlines and Online Check-in - Airline Tickets, Reservations for Online Check-in

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Online check-in for your flights could save you some time from waiting in line and get you to your gate on time. Read on about some of the airlines offering check-in online from airline websites.

6. Luggage Fees and Checking in Bags - How Much it Costs to Check in Luggage

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Luggage fees, and what you can check in for free. This article has a list of airlines - legacy carriers such as American Airlines and United Airlines; low cost airlines such as Southwest Airlines and Virgin America; and non-US airlines such as Air Canada and British Airways. Includes not just regular luggage, but sports equipment, strollers, car seats, wheelchairs, and excess bags.

7. Surviving the Airport during Holiday Periods

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As much as many would like to, sometimes it just simply isn't possible to avoid traveling during peak periods. The airports seem stuffier, there isn't a seat to be had and with the constant announcements, gate changes and delays, it may seem like you'll never be airborne. Many of these things are unavoidable, but a few tips may help avoid some other possible travel headaches.

8. TSA Secure Flight - Passport, Travel Identification, Travel Requirements

Passport image from travel.state.gov
Passport image from travel.state.gov
The TSA has now implemented its Secure Flight program, meaning there have been changes to identification requirements for passengers.

9. Stuff for Kids to do at the Airport

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Cheapflights has taken some of the busiest airports in the United States and found things you can do to pass the wait time with the younger set. There are lots of tips to make you and your family's airport experience easier.

10. Airline Flights Canceled, Delayed and Rule 240

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Rule 240 - often cited, often misunderstood, Rule 240 can often be employed when a flight is delayed, canceled, or you have misconnected and it's the airline's fault. Read more about what Rule 240 is, and how it affects your right to travel.
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