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Airline Flights Canceled, Delayed and Rule 240, or Possible Compensation


Rule 240 - often cited, often misunderstood, Rule 240 can often be employed when a flight is delayed, canceled, or you have misconnected and it's the airline's fault. Read more about what Rule 240 is, and how it affects your right to travel.

1. What is Rule 240?

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There is a certain mystique that exists around Rule 240 and how (sometimes if) it guarantees you certain rights as a passenger. It is important to note before delving into the particulars of Rule 240, that Rule 240 was originally established in the United States.

2. What Makes up Rule 240

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A common misconception is that all airlines are required to have a Rule 240, but they do not. And airlines have different versions of Rule 240, making it even more difficult for passengers to know their rights in the event of a delay or cancellation that has been caused by the airline.

3. Summing up Rule 240

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Because Rule 240 is interpreted differently by each airline that has one, it is best to check the policy of the airline that you'll be traveling on.
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