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Infant Ticketing Policy


Mother with her baby boy in an aircraft
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Infant ticketing policies do vary between airlines, but these are some of the typical rules when dealing with airline tickets for an infant.
  • Infants under the age of two may travel with an accompanying adult (at least 15 or 16 years old depending on the airline)- regardless of whether the infant is a lap baby or has a paid seat.
  • The maximum number of infants per adult passenger is two, with a maximum of one lap baby (infant without a paid seat) per adult. In some countries such as Canada, regulations permit only one infant per adult (16 years or older) regardless of whether the infant is a lap baby or in a paid seat.
  • If an infant not occupying a paid seat turns 2 after travel has begun, there is a wide range of policies. Some airlines will provide a seat without charging an airfare and others require you to pay. For those that require you to pay for an entire trip if the child turns 2 during your travels, it may work out to buy tickets per direction so that you can just purchase one way (once the child is 2 years old - this tends to only work for domestic / transborder flights).
  • Infants are usually allowed to travel without medical approval as long as they are at least 7 days old.

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