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Navigating the Airport During Peak Times

Holidays and Summer Days Make for Busy Airports


As much as many would like to, sometimes it just simply isn't possible to avoid traveling during peak periods. The airports seem stuffier, there isn't a seat to be had and with the constant announcements, gate changes and delays, it may seem like you'll never be airborne. Many of these things are unavoidable, but here are a few tips to avoid some other possible travel headaches:

More people, more germs. Bring a hand sanitizer with you and use it often to give you a fighting chance against the flus-in-waiting.

More people, more germs. Stock up on chewable vitamin C's or your vitamins of choice. Airports and airplanes can be a petri dish of bacteria.

For airport security - remove batteries from travel alarm clocks. The sound of a ticking clock in carry-on carries problems.

For airport security - if you are bringing gifts as part of your carry-on allowance do not wrap them, especially if they are indistinguishable, cylindrical objects.

To block out the noise of the chaos around you, consider toting a pair of ear plugs with you. You can see what's going on, but that doesn't mean you have to hear what's going on.

Bring liquids for the airport wait or purchase them there. There aren't enough plants in airports to compensate for the oxygen depletion caused by shoulder to shoulder passengers. Try to keep from being too thirsty before you even get on the plane.

Crosswords, puzzle books, magazines and other disposable reads are great for the longer line-ups and you won't be as upset as if you accidentally lost a favorite book in the airport or on an aircraft.

Moisturizers or body spritzers can help serve as pick me ups through incessant lines, and also help combat the dryness when you are in the air.

Prepare yourself for worst case scenarios. The fact is that flights are already full for the most part. One delayed or cancelled flight can throw off a good chunk of other flight schedules. Keep a copy, or write down, the other flights to your destination that day.

Prepare yourself for worst case scenarios. Keep the airline's reservations office number with you. If and when flights cancel, it is sometimes better to just call reservations than approach overloaded airport counters.

Prepare yourself for worst case scenarios. Give flight numbers to your meeting party and have them check to see how your flight is progressing so that you don't have to worry about constantly updating them. Having to call back and forth to your meeting party when your flight has taken its third delay just adds more stress to your travel situation.

Prepare yourself for worst case scenarios. Call the airline, or download from the airline's site, to find out their policy in case of delays. Not all airlines are the same on this so it is important to know if you are entitled to a meal voucher, a phone call, etc.

Sometimes things will go wrong during busy times at the airport. With hopes that some of these tips will help numb the sting of a bad air travel experience, or help make a good one.
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