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Discounted Flights, Cheap Hotel Reservations, and More!


Try this list of four travel websites for discounted flights and hotel reservations. Below you will find a variety of travel destinations, packages and recommendations. Let us help you save money and get your next trip started!

1. Travel Deals of the Week

Updated weekly, About.com's Budget Travel guide lists the top 10 deals available. You should take into account that these deals are offered for a limited time only, and will be replaced on Sundays.

2. Student Airfare Deals

Here you will find the latest student airfare deals. Our About.com Student Travel guide offers you a roundup of current discounts. However, you should always check these deals against a travel aggregator to make sure that you have the best deals.

3. Family Vacation Deals

Check out these 12 deals for families, affordable packages and airfare specials. Get family travel bargains and information for attending free events and participating in free activities. Recommendations include camping in yurts, drive-to getaways, vacation destinations, and more!

4. Travelocity's Top 10 Vacation Destinations

Don´t miss Travelocity´s top 10 vacation destinations! Here, you will find several family vacation packages. Travelocity is a good site for finding to flight and hotel destinations. 

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