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Air Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Online Check-In for US Airways
How to check in, choose seats and print or download boarding passes on US Airways in two simple steps.
Use the Internet to get notices on low air...
Click here for a list of online and social media resources you can use to grab extremely low air fares caused by airline glitches.
How to Buy Plane Tickets for Funerals and...
In times of emergency when you have to fly for a family funeral, or see a terminally ill relative, many airlines offer bereavement or compassionate fares.
United Airlines Tickets and Reservations -...
United Airlines offers check-in online, and a few of the particulars of their web check-in services.
10 US and Canada Airlines with the Most Travelers
Discover the top 10 airlines of choice in the United States and Canada.
How to Use Southwest Airlines' Online Check-in...
Southwest Airlines offers check-in online, and a few of the details of Southwest Airlines web check-in services.
What You Need to Know about United Airlines...
Discover United Airlines’ baggage policies - What is free? What they charge fees for? Includes check-ins and excess luggage.
What to Do When Bad Weather Cancels Your Flight
When you see that weather is going to affect your travels, what can you expect? Many airlines have similar flight cancellation policies.
JADEC releases its annual list of the world's...
Want to know the list of the world's safest airlines? Click here to see the top 10, as determined by the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre.
Delta Airlines Baggage Fees: What Should You...
Let's go over Delta's baggage fees. Find out what is free, and what you have to pay for.
What Is a Bereavement Airfare? 11 Things You...
What is a bereavement, or compassionate, airfare? Find out the basics and how to qualify for these special tickets.
Air travel isn't cheap; save money and buy...
Click here to find 10 air travel item you can buy at your local dollar store, leaving you with more money for things like a nicer hotel or souvenirs.
How to Check In Online with Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines offers online check in. Let's go over the specifics of their web check in services.
5 Common Questions about Bereavement Fares...
Traveling due to a death in the family is the more common use of bereavement fares. Funeral details, or death certificates are often required to ensure a bereavement airfare discount.
Delta Airlines
Get Delta Air Lines seat maps, phone numbers, history, and other essential flying information before your trip.
See the Baggage Policies for Various Non-US...
The luggage allowances for international airlines - including checked bags, strollers, mobility devices and sports equipment - the fees and free allowances.
Airline Phone Numbers for North America - Phone...
A list of phone numbers for airlines in Canada, Mexico and the United States to help you save time the next time you travel.
What's the Minimum Layover Time You Need for...
Read our list of minimum layover times required to catch connecting flights at major airports around the world.
Read All About Online Check-Ins for Flights
Online check-in for your flights could save you some time from waiting in line and get you to your gate on time. Read on about some of the airlines offering check-in online from airline websites.
Baggage Policies - Free Checked Luggage
The baggage policies, as they apply, for low cost airlines including what is free and what the fees are.
Bereavement Fares for Imminent Death
If you have a close relative who is terminally ill, and the possibility of death seems near, then you may qualify for a bereavement fare based on imminent death.
Air Canada Online Check-in
Manage your flight reservations and get the latest status updates through Air Canada's online check-in.
What Are US Airways' Baggage Policies?
Let's go over baggage policies for US Airways and find out what you have to pay for, and what is free.
10 Myths About Airfares and Airline Tickets
Are there any set rules and truths when it comes to buying a ticket, changing a ticket or getting the best airfare available? Because not all airlines follow the same routes, there are several myths and misunderstandings that exist when it comes to airfares and airline tickets.
The 10 Best Airlines in the World
Skytrax is known for its World Airline Awards. These are the best airlines according to their survey.
How Much Stuff Can I Check In - The Airline...
Airlines have increased restrictions, and decreased luggage allowances a lot over the years. Now you may not be able to take a surfboard, a larger stroller, or a pet where you once could. Read up on what is permitted, and at what cost, to check-in.
Cebu Pacific
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United Airlines Info - Information About United...
United Airlines - details about this airline including seat maps, phone number, crashes/incidents.
bereavement fare
A comprehensive glossary of Air Travel terms so that you can decipher the often confusing airline lingo terms.A discounted fare offered to family members traveling because of an imminent death or death in the family. Most airlines that offer bereavement fares will require information about the situation.
What Are the World's Safest Airplanes?
What makes one airplane safer than another? Are certain airplanes better than others?
Tips for Traveling with Strollers at the Airport
Part of air travel with infants, toddlers or young children often involves bringing a stroller. Here are tips for traveling with children and strollers.
Seat Maps - Allegiant Air - Low Cost Airlines...
Allegiant Air link provided by SeatGuru.
Learn your phonetic ABCs for aviation
The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) helps keep the aviation airwaves clear by requiring use of a phonetic alphabet. Click here to learn it.
10 Things You Thought You Knew about Luggage...
Time to separate the myth from fact when it comes to checking in luggage, and toting your carry-on pieces.
10 Air Travel Myths You Need to Stop Believing
So you aren't really sure about what happens if you arrive late at the airport or if the weather keeps you from flying. It's time to wade through some of the myths and confusion surrounding air travel.
10 Tips and Tricks for Getting Upgraded on a...
So are there any tricks to getting upgraded from economy class? These are the top ten ways to get upgraded that are seen most often.
American Airlines Bereavement Airfares -...
American Airlines bereavement / compassionate airfares policy for flights to travel to funerals or family emergencies (imminent death / terminal illness).
Want to make that connecting airline flight? My...
Check out five tips that can help even the most unseasoned traveler make their airline flight connections quickly, smoothly and without trouble.
Here's nine things airlines and airports are...
Despite the stresses inherent with air travel, here's a list of nine things airlines and airports are doing right to improve the passenger experience.
What Bereavement Airfares Does Delta Airlines...
Delta Airlines bereavement / compassion airfares policy for flights to travel to funerals or family emergencies (imminent death / terminal illness).
What Are American Airlines' Baggage Fees?
American Airlines baggage policies for economy class, including checked in bags and excess luggage.
Traveling with a Baby? 4 Common Infant...
Infant ticketing policies do vary between airlines, but these are some of the typical rules when dealing with airline tickets for an infant.
U.S. and Canadian Airlines: Phone Numbers and...
Click here for website links, phone numbers and information to more than 20 airlines based in the United States and Canada.
Preferred Seating: Must-Know Facts about the...
When one is looking for premium seating in the often confined quarters of the economy cabin of an airplane, the exit row is usually mentioned.
4 Travel Policies for Unaccompanied Minors
Thousands of children travel alone every day. Find out what the airport and flight procedures are for unaccompanied minors.
Air Traffic Control, Pilots - some Behind-the-S...
Consider this - there are over 50,000 take-offs and landings in the United States alone every day. Add on small, private aircraft as well and you get the idea that although it is not a traffic jam in the air, the skies can get pretty full.
When is the best time to buy a plane ticket?...
When is the best time to buy an airplane ticket? These websites and apps offer predictions and fare alerts that ensure travelers get the lowest fare.
Southwest Airlines Low Cost Airlines - Budget...
Southwest Airlines - details about this airline including seat maps, phone number, crashes/incidents.
British Airways Tickets and Reservations -...
British Airways offers check-in online, and a few of the particulars of their web check-in services.
Check out my must-have items for do-it-yourself...
Click here to check out 10 items you can carry in a do-it-yourself airline amenity kit that will make you feel like you're sitting in first class.
The 10 World's Safest Airplanes
Click here to see a list of the top 10 safest - and five least safe -- commercial aircraft currently flying according to aviation safety groups.
US Airways Info - Information About US Airways
US Airways - details about this airline including seat maps, phone number, crashes/incidents.
This website can help you determine if the...
Airline flight delayed or canceled? Carrier lost your luggage? ClaimAir.com helps determine if and how much compensation an airline may owe travelers.
Flights Canceled, Delayed and Rule 240
Rule 240 - often cited, often misunderstood, Rule 240 can often be employed when a flight is delayed, canceled, or you have misconnected and it's the airline's fault. Read more about what Rule 240 is, and how it affects your right to travel.
Airline Flights Canceled, Delayed and Rule 240,...
Rule 240 - often cited, often misunderstood, Rule 240 can often be employed when a flight is delayed, canceled, or you have misconnected and it's the airline's fault. Read more about what Rule 240 is, and how it affects your right to travel.
How Do I Arrange a Wheelchair / Golf Cart with...
A question about setting up extra assistance for a passenger is answered.
American Airlines Tickets and Reservations -...
American Airlines offers check-in online, and a few of the particulars of their web check-in services.
10 Tips and Tricks for Packing Snacks for Flights
With fewer options and many meal services requiring you to pay on board, toting your own snacks for your flight is becoming a more popular option.
10 Secrets Your Pilot Won't Tell You
From napping during flights, to safety issues, airline pilots responded, with Reader's Digest compiling it all in a feature of 50 secrets.
What Do Airlines Do for Frightened First-Time...
The first thing that comes to mind regarding passengers who may require assistance are those who are afraid of flying, or first time flyers.
Check out five more apps I recommend to ease...
Click here for my list of five apps designed to help passengers with tasks including organizing travel, searching for the best fares and packing help.
Oversold Flights, Getting Bumped and Bumping
What is an oversold flight? Why are flights overbooked? And what are my options if my flight has too many passengers, and not enough seats?
A-Z Minimum Airport Connection Times: Amsterdam...
Airport minimum connection times for airports around the world are covered - in this feature it's Amsterdam, Atlanta, Bangkok, Barcelona, Boston, Chicago, and Dallas airports that are covered.
Never print a paper boarding pass again with...
Click here to download airline apps that provide mobile boarding passes for seven U.S. carriers so you never have to print out a paper pass again.
YYZ - Toronto Pearson International Airport
The busiest airports in the world - facts, details, and important info. Toronto Pearson International Airport is included in the list of the top 30 airports in the world based on passenger numbers.
Book Cheap, Discounted, Airline Tickets and...
A look at several online resources, booking engines, and travel agencies for booking airline tickets deals and last minute flights online.
Airport Minimum Connection Times - Denver to...
Airport minimum connection times for several major airports around the world - in this feature Denver, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Houston, Kuala Lumpur, and London are covered.
What Happens When Someone Dies on a Flight?
It happens infrequently, but it does happen several times a year - someone dies on board a flight or in the airport. Airline procedures vary a bit, but some of the ways that airlines deal with death on board.
Airlines offer a lower-cost option to business...
Click here to see eight airlines that allow travelers to pay a little extra for for a premium economy seat on domestic and international flights.
Airline Policies - Bereavement Airfares -...
Airlines' bereavement / compassion airfares policies for flights to travel to funerals or family emergencies (imminent death / terminal illness).
Airport vending machines get an upgrade
Airport vending machines sell everything from electronics to health care items. Click here to see other things travelers can buy before taking off or landing.
Air India - Policy for Air Travel During...
Air India and its rules / restrictions for pregnant women.
British Airways - Policy for Air Travel During...
Rules and restrictions regarding pregnant women traveling on British Airways flights. Covers women expecting single or multiple births.
5 Travelers to Avoid on Every Flight
Check out my list of five airline passengers, ranging from seat switchers to loud cell phone talkers, that you don't want to see on your next flight.
The Unaccompanied Minor - When Children Travel...
Children flying alone - the unaccompanied minor. Thousands of children travel unaccompanied every day. This feature describes the unaccompanied minor; airport procedures; travel tips; and what happens when flights are delayed or cancelled.
Travel is tough enough. Here are five pet...
Click here for five pet peeves that make air travel worse including mean travelers, seat switchers, feet in the seats and checkpoint inconsistencies.
United Airlines Frequent Flyer Miles Program
MileagePlus is United Airlines' frequent flyer program. Discover their benefits here.
Indulge in retail therapy at these airports
Click here to see six airports from around the world that offer the ultimate shopping experience with a mix of high-end and budget stores.
FLYZED Rates for Standby Tickets
Use FLYZED, the interline listing site for airline employees, to figure out standby ticket availability and Zed rates.
Types of Airfares and Airline Tickets - Types...
When booking a ticket there are letters that are assigned to different fares. Here's an explanation of what each letter means.
Check out five airports with great retail...
Five airports have stepped up their game when it comes to retail outlets. Click here to see those offering items from luxury brands to toy stores.
Malaysia Airlines- Policy for Air Travel During...
Malaysia Airlines and its rules / restrictions for pregnant women.
Alaska Airlines Online Check In
Don't wait on long lines. Check-in online for you next Alaska Airlines flight.
Alaska Airlines Baggage Policies - Free Checked...
Baggage policies for Alaska Airlines - what is free, and what incurs a fee. Includes items such as excess luggage.
ATL - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International...
ATL - the world's busiest airport.
Must-have travel amenities for airports
Find out about five amenities that airports across the United States offer to help improve the passenger experience, from power outlets to play areas.
Airport Minimum Connection Times - Los Angeles...
Airport minimum connection times for major airports around the world. This feature covers Los Angeles, Madrid and Miami.
Seven alternative airports to consider for...
Click here to see seven airports that are alternatives to the usual international gateways for those traveling into and outside of the United States.
10 Things You Can Do To Handle Flight Delays...
Click here for a list of 10 tips passengers can take when their flight is delayed or cancelled by an airline.
What Happens If Someone Dies on a Flight?
This is not a topic that is often brought up regarding air travel, but it occurs every year, without fail - to paraphrase the cliche - just like taxes. Dying during a flight does occur, and even more frequently, transporting the body or remains of the deceased needs to be considered.
Delta Airlines Check-in Strollers, Car Seats,...
Delta's policies regarding checking strollers, car seats, mobility devices and sports equipment.
Oversells and Bumping
The oversold flight, just another joy of air travel! What is an oversold flight? Why are flights overbooked? And what are my options if my flight has too many passengers, and not enough seats? Follow the twists and turns of the oversold flight.
Airline passengers feel the need for speed when...
Click here to read a new survey by Honeywell Aerospace on what travelers want -- and don't want -- when it comes to inflight Wi-Fi and connectivity.
Pets Air Travel - United Airlines - Airline...
Information about flying with your dog, cat, or other pets on United Airlines.
Seat Maps - US Airways
Seat maps - US Airways. Air Travel.
Luggage Fees and Checking in Bags - How Much it...
This article has a list of airlines and links to their luggage fees for standard luggage as well as sports equipment, strollers, car seats and wheelchairs.
Unaccompanied Minors - Airport Procedures
A number of airports will have a specific area for checking in unaccompanied minors, or other passengers requiring special assistance. Look for signs that indicate this, or ask an airline representative before joining the regular check-in line.
Airlines Phone Numbers - Airlines Telephone...
So you'd like to speak to an actual person that works for the airline? Here is a list of phone contacts to reach the airline you're looking for. Airline reservations phone numbers have been grouped by region of the world.
You won't believe you're in an airport at these...
Airports have given restaurants a major upgrade. Click here for my picks of five eateries that actually make you forget you're sitting in an airport.
Discounted Flights, Cheap Hotel Reservations,...
Discount flights and cheap hotel tickets to top destinations.
Survival Tips for Air Travel with an Infant -...
Tips for air travel with an infant may not be 100% foolproof, but it is always important to have a plan ready when you are traveling with your baby.
American Airlines Info - Information About...
American Airlines - details about this airline including seat maps, phone number, crashes/incidents.
Philippine Airlines - Policy for Air Travel...
Philippine Airlines and its rules / restrictions for pregnant women.
When an Airline Strikes - Labor Disruptions,...
What to expect if an airline strikes - airline policies and how to protect yourself if an airline strike is looming or occurring.
Book Unaccompanied Minor Travel Online -...
Southwest Airlines has both increased their fee, and made it easier to book unaccompanied minor travel - you can now book travel for children traveling as unaccompanied minors online.
DFW - Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport
This airport is large enough to have both its own post office, and its own zip code!
These are 10 of my favorite places for tasty...
Click here for 10 airports offering great quick eats and deliciously sinful snacks that you can eat before you board or take with you on your flight.
Air Travel with an Infant - Planning, Airport,...
Flying with the youngest passengers does require extra time and planning. I've written the following series of articles to help make air travel with an infant a little less stress-filled.
Find the Best Airfare - Tips for Finding Cheap,...
Getting the best airfare depends on many factors - time of year, destination and length of stay are just a few of the major ones. The formula for getting the best price for your flights can indeed seem complicated. Although the challenging task of getting a great ticket price likely won't change, there are a number of strategies that may help in your pursuit for the best airfare possible.
Airline Phone Numbers for Asia - Telephone...
Phone numbers for airlines, big and small, in Asia.
My Passport Was Stolen
My passport was stolen - the procedures I followed when my passport was stolen at the airport.
Types of Airfares - Rules and Regulations for...
With airline tickets every person on a flight may have paid a different price to fly. The airlines have a seemingly secretive formula to constructing airfares. Knowing types of airfares and how they apply may not mean that airfares make sense, but you can make sense of them.
Carry-on Luggage - What Items are Now Permitted...
There has been a lot of backlash directed at the TSA for banning items such as pumped breastmilk amounts of over 3 ounces when a woman was traveling without her infant. Millions of dollars worth of lighters also made their way into TSA bins. But guess what? Like many things in the air travel industry, these regulations are changing again and their is INCREASED flexibility in items that may be toted in your carry-ons.
Airline lounges - not just for elite travelers...
Airline lounges are not just for elite travelers anymore. Click here to see where you can find them and how much it will cost you to get in.
Top 5 Rewards Cards for Travelers - Best...
I am not a credit card guru, so when BillShrink.com weighed in with their take on the best credit cards for earning frequent flyer miles, I had to take a look - and am sharing their picks for the top 5 credit cards for air travelers.
Seat Maps - Delta Airlines
Seat Maps - Delta Airlines. Air Travel.
Low Cost, Budget Airlines in Asia
Low cost airlines have permeated the Asian market, and there are lots of airlines to choose from.
Continental Airlines Bereavement Airfares -...
Continental Airlines bereavement / compassion airfares policy for flights to travel to funerals or family emergencies (imminent death / terminal illness).
LAX - Los Angeles International Airport
If you wondered what the X in LAX stands for keep reading...
United Airlines Check-in Strollers, Car Seats,...
United Airlines policies regarding checking strollers, car seats, mobility devices and sports equipment.
Continental Airlines Tickets and Reservations -...
Continental Airlines offers check-in online, and a few of the particulars of their web check-in services.
TSA Secure Flight Rules and Redress Numbers
Do you have a common name, and get stopped by customs frequently? Make your air travel easier and get a redress number.
What to do if the airlines lose your luggage
Did the airlines lose your luggage? Click here to read how to avoid it, how to recover lost bags and what your rights are if it is lost forever.
Navigate the globe using the three major...
Click here to see how global carriers in the three major airline alliances -- oneworld, SkyTeam and Star -- can help you plan a trip around the world.
Seat Maps - List of Airline Seat Maps -...
Please find below seat maps for many of the world’s major airlines. For more airlines, visit SeatGuru.com or SeatExpert.com.
MCO - Orlando International Airport
MCO is not only the airline code for Orlando International Airport, but it is also the abbreviation for Miscellaneous Charge Order used for things like change fees and travel vouchers.
LAS - Las Vegas McCarran International Airport
Yes, there are slot machines in the airport. May be one of the reasons that many in the travel industry call Las Vegas by another name - Lost Wages.
Low Cost, Budget Airlines Based in North America
A number of low cost airlines have sprung up in North America as an alternative to mainstream, long-established airlines. As services decrease on the traditional, scheduled carriers, these low cost options seem even more attractive.
Death and Air Travel - The Remains
It's not an easy topic, discussing death and air travel, but for those you have to travel with remains, or have a body transported, a few tips here might make it easier for having to deal with this.
Published Versus Unpublished Fares
A published fare is one that is available for purchase by anyone. An unpublished fare works a bit differently.
Download These Air Travel Apps Now
Travel is tough enough, so let your smartphone be your best friend. Click here for five great travel apps that improve the passenger experience.
Bringing Car Seats on a Flight for Infants and...
It isn't a requirement yet, but more and more government civil aviation authorities are pushing for some form of mandatory use of approved car seats for infants and toddlers under 2. There are certainly safety issues if you bring your child under 2 on board as a
Pets Air Travel - Continental Airlines -...
Information about flying with your dog, cat, or other pets on Continental Airlines.
Pregnancy and Air Travel - Policies for...
Policies of major airlines in the United States, Canada, and Mexico regarding pregnant passengers, and flights during pregnancy.
Delta Airlines - Policy for Air Travel During...
Delta Airlines and its rules / restrictions for pregnant women.
Wedding Travel - Wedding Deals Offered By...
Many airlines have grown wise to the potential in weddings - from offering group discounts to registries online. Air travel and weddings are increasingly going hand in hand as airlines offer more to this market.
Lufthansa - Policy for Air Travel During...
Lufthansa and its rules / restrictions for pregnant women.
Air Travel with Mobility Devices or Mobility Aids
Advice and tips for traveling with a wheelchair, walker or cane, and passengers with mobility restrictions.
Delta Airlines Frequent Flyer SkyMiles Program
Learn how to earn and use miles, buy or transfer them, with Delta´s frequent flyer SkyMiles program.
10 Great Things About United Airlines’...
Take a sneak peek at the major upgrade United Airlines has given to its Global First and United Club lounges at the new London Heathrow Terminal 2.
KLM / Air France - Policy for Air Travel During...
KLM / Air France and its rules / restrictions for pregnant women.
EWR - Newark Liberty International Airport
Newark Liberty International Airport is one of two New York area airports to make the top 30 busiest airports.
Search By Flight Number or Route Number
SeatGuru has added features to its seat map search. You can now search by flight number or by flight route.
Feel like a first class traveler on your next...
Click here for my list of air travel items that can help you feel like you're sitting in first class -- even if you're stuck in a coach middle seat.
Best Websites For Airline Seat Maps
Check out five airline seat map websites that help travelers choose the best places to sit on the aircraft of the world's carriers.
Giving the Gift of Air Travel - Gift Certificat...
Stuck for gift ideas? Many airlines like Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines offer gift certificates that you can order online or over the phone, and avoid the shopping malls this holiday season.
Which Airlines Are the Biggest?
Ever wonder which are the biggest airlines? Here is a list ranked by the number of passengers flown.
Delta Airlines Airline Jobs
They are not always hiring, but you can find jobs with Delta Airlines here.
Great deals abound on travel items from my...
Click here for 10 great holiday gift ideas for your friends and family in your life who travel with these items from T.J. Maxx and Marshalls.

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