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Readers Respond: Really Bad Experiences with the Airlines

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What is the worst flight experience you've ever had? Everyone has their own horror stories about their worst flights. Let your opinion be heard, and potentially help other air travelers.

Frontier left my daughter in Denver!

My daughter is currently stranded at the Denver airport because of Frontier jerks. She flew to California to take one of her sons to stay with his father. On the way home she was emotional about leaving him. She had been crying off and on all day. After a layover in Denver, she boarded her plane, and started crying again. People seated on the row with her were kind and not complaining, but the Frontier employees removed her from the flight. They said she was disturbing other passengers. They told her that the next flight is tomorrow at 3 pm. She told them that she needed to get home to her children, and asked them what she was supposed to do. The Frontier guy said that if she argued with him he would have her arrested. Then the plane departed and the Frontier employees left, leaving her crying in the airport. They must have to search through a lot of resumes to find such heartless people. We managed to get her a flight on United at 5 am, but she had to leave the secure area

Tiger Airways

This airline is very awful i do not much like it at all there is no food
—Guest James

Emirates airlines - privileged crooks

It's unbelievable how unfair they behave to their passengers because they cannot control their personnel. I was travelling from Mauricio to Greece and I placed my laptop into my luggage because I have a serious problem with my back and I couldn't carry it in my handbag. Who could believe that after paying such an expensive ticket, nobody can secure your luggage content. Yes, they stole it and they didn't accept to give any compensation about this. In other words, they apply policies to protect themselves against us, their customers who pay for their tickets because they cannot apply anything on their employees to protect us. They hire crooks (...propably they're cheaper) and they cover them! I would say that they have the most privileged crooks ...they steal and nobody is punished but only the victim. I would never travel again with Emirates airlines and I suggest nobody to use them as the ticket price doesn't represent the service level ...but you also are at high risk to be robbed


BRUSSELS AIRLINES IS THE LOUSIEST AND I DEFINITELY WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS BS AIRLINE IT IS VERY UNETHICAL. There is no semblance of customer care and service. One wonders if Brussels Airlines is a Thief or is it hiring thieves or both? I am quite sure that it will go out of business but how much damage is it going to cause before that time. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK If I travelled Business Class would this airline be so be so discourteous and careless? And how come clients in Dakar (AFRICA) who have lost luggage have to go and search at the baggage claims? Do clients in Europe have to go to baggage claims to search for lost luggage as they have to in Dakar/Africa? Why is this Joke of an Airline asking the client who has lost luggage to submit the original receipts for the items that went missing? That it is asking such an unreasonable question appears to demonstrate that it has no intentions whatsoever of tracing the lost luggage FAILURE TO DELIVER THE SERVICE THAT HAS BEEN PAID

No More Delta Airline For Me

I could not believe the treatment I received from Delta on a recent flight...the attendant even called the TSA on me because I would not give her my bag to put below the plane, since there was no overhead storage...even when my seat was on the 4 row??? Come-on Man! No More Delta for me
—Guest Billy Page

United Airlines Horror Story

—Guest Harvey

Loose you Luggage with Brussels Airlines

Delayed luggage is a regular phenomenon. And when it happens you expect the airline to provide you with proper information about the process of tracing. Just not with Brussels Airlines: When we lost our luggage on 25 december we were told to check the status calling a particular phone number. No-one have replyed for 4 days on that number. We called more than 15 times. Then we tried to send an email enquiry. But the company's webpage for submission of requests was out of order. Then we tried to fax a baggage inventery form for 'lost luggage' to a fax number provided by the company - and in accordance with its own procedures. The fax number is busy now for 2 days. We wonder if next step should be to buy a ticket to Brussels - with another airline of course - and show up in the company headquarter personally to try to trace our luggage?
—Guest Malene Soenderskov

chinese ailines

chinese airlines has got to be the worst no tv for 10hours rice under cooked with green chicken smelly and rude passengers it was hell
—Guest george brown

Delta Airlines

This is the first time I'm flying Delta & may possibly be the last. After flying around 24 hours from HKG to Tokyo to JFK, I was so looking forward to finish the last leg & reach Washington DC. My original connection was due to depart JFK at 6.15pm on 16 Sep. However, due to severe thunderstorms, it was delayed to 8.45pm, then 9pm and finally cancelled. With no prior notification, I was put on an afternoon flight on 17 Sep only after I checked with the Delta Lounge staff. I pleaded to be put on the next available flight to DC as I have a 9am meeting on 17 Sep. Eventually, I was put on stand by on another flight which didn't take off on schedule because the attendants were late! All through this experience, the Delta staff were nonchalent & rude. When I reached DC, my luggage didn't arrive till 48 hours later and the worst thing to cap off this trip was that my contents were wet! Obviously, my luggage was left out in the rain at JFK! What a first time experience with Delta.

About reclining seats

I was reading a blog about bad experiences when flying and I really surprised how many peole compalined about reclining seats everybody seems to dislike them...of course just when is the one front of you who reclines...I have to say this and maybe someday all of you will remember me....Very SOONER ..than later ,you recline seats fobics will be enjoying "your dream" seat. Lot of airlines are "seriously interested" on a new straight,narrow,unmovable kind of horse saddle design in Italy to save "more" space and be able to include more coach seats in aircraft..So I think all you again who compalin so badly about the front guy who dare recline his/her seat using an equal right comodity for everybody will be smiling and relax when you arrive in a near future to whatever point B you choose.. YOU ASK FOR IT...YOU DESERVED!!
—Guest world traveler

Beware Air Asia con advert and staff

I bought 2 Air Asia tickets through internet ie Kul-Hkg. I got my boarding pass from machine and my husband could not. My husband was directed to another counter. I lined up to drop (checked-in) my luggage. There was not many people in front of me but the counter staff was giggling with a group of men. Some people in the line were restless and in hurry for their flights.I checked with counter staff who shouted at me to join another line if I cannot wait (ie to begin at the rear of another line? Was it my and other behaving passengers's fault ,while it was all right for the group in front that did not line up? When it was my turn to checked in my bag, the staff kept giggling. When I arrived HKG, I cannot find my checked -in bag ,I made a report. As for my husband he was made to pay full fare ie double my ticket price, even his printed online booking stated confirmation with booking number. This is Asia Worst, Airline with uninterested, shallow mindset budget trained staff. l
—Guest chan yuk long

American Airlines

I realize traveling with young children can be a handful but having to listen to an unruly, screaming child of about the age of 2 for more than 2 hrs is totally unnerving. With this undisciplined child sitting directly behind me on the American Airlines flt from Dallas to Detroit I also had to endure him continually kicking the back of my seat! The parents did nothing. I don't think its too unrealistic for parents who don't know how to discipline their young children to be considerate of the other passengers on board and book seats at the back of the plane.
—Guest guest Patricia

Long Day

The return leg of our first European trip, started with a 4am wake-up in Geneva, Switzerland, to catch a 7am flt to Paris. We then left Paris, arriving at Dulles in the late afternoon, and about 2 hrs later we were on our way home to San Francisco. Somewhere over Kansas or so we hit turbulence, for a couple hrs. Even though we were on a 747, the turbulence with the fact we'd been up about 25 hrs was too much. Both my wife and I were sick as dogs for the remainder of the flt. Learned my lesson about long flights, never again.

No water in the Plane

I took North West air going to China, the Air Line was out of water, i was thirsty for 7 hrs that was very bad experience my part, no service very rude people

charlotte coffey

The most terrifying flight I ever had was on Delta from Cincinnati to Las Vegas. The plane looked old and beat up. It vibrated and shook and made strange noises. My daughter sat and held hands and prayed. No more Delta flights for us.
—Guest charlotte coffey

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